Chatbot Development for Educational Institution

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Chatbot Development for Educational Institution

An exceptional AI integrated conversational Chatbot, with a merge of Intelligence and sway of Machine Learning, assisting with a personalized response for every prospect’ queries with absolute resolution.


Project Scope

University Application assistance has become a highly augmented domain providing an extensive service to different prospective students. But the classic engagement model including email communication, support ticket response, engaging and connecting through calls, etc sometimes reduces the productivity of the associates on replying to basic inquiries, also restricts the extensive reach of students across diverse time-zones due to the delayed response. 

The overall efficiency of response, convincing relationship, efficiency may become ‘Questionable’. This ascertains the requisite of advanced engagement and communication system that provides a customized resolution for all inquiries raised by global prospective students real-time with no human intervention

Solution Highlights

Seamless Engagement. Leveraged Experience. Realtime Assistance. 

A cloud-based self-learning AI cohesive and customized chatbot that acts as a virtual assistant 365*24*7 to every prospective student specially designed for Educational Consultants, to engage and deliver absolute clarification with a minute response for each-and-every inquiries even during the unavailability of support associates.

The features of AI virtual chatbot can be customized, enabling it to respond from simple to complex query structures based on our custom-built and trained Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms, context, intent detection and management and much more. The extensive reach and sophistication of its use-cases are made possible through our cross-platform and application implementation.

For real-time tracking and analytics, every conversation is mapped for monitoring and assessing the overall process and experience of students. This helps to connect with prospects on pre- and post-registration of inquiries and follow-ups. The strong authentication of personnel data and advanced API integration for data handling makes this all possible in one application.

Business Value Delivered

The Educational Consultancy chatbot has increased the competence of the associates engaging with global students with no restriction on time-zones and responding timeline. The self-training and repeated refining mechanism of our custom-built AI models have proven its excellence in accuracy. Overall, the students and associate engagement in the counseling journey is made more insightful and delightful.

The cloud-integrated advanced data analytics, forecasting, and tracking of user’ engagement workflow has helped the organization to improvise its inclusive operational productivity and associate’ efficiency. Our virtual chatbots are still learning to make itself refined to provide you the best service and experience.

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