3D Virtual Tour For a New Condo Building

3D Virtual Tour For a New Condo Building

Stage your business with leveraged 360° virtual reality tour application to drive significant Industry transformation bringing the attention of potential clients.


Project Scope

We were working with a real estate client whose primary goal is to attract a larger audience for pre-booking to keep the funds flowing to support their project. The marketing strategy seems to be less effective and the website to exhibit their project was quite primitive. The overall performance analytics reflected the low customer engagement for the project.

Solution Highlights

Mesmerising Innovation. Impressive Experience. Extensive Engagement

We extended our digital consultancy service for this project to help our client achieve their business requirement. During our brainstorming session, essential parameters were scrutinized, identified the pit-falls of the marketing strategy and customer engagement model. The most prominent practise of every customer is stopover on builder/agents’ website before on-site tour appointment to have a better understanding about the project. Consequently, the first impression starts from the digital web interface which decides the worth of the project among customers.

To overcome the fissures and barriers, we suggested the implementation of 3D and 360° virtual home tours boosting the selling process, leveraging the digital experience of the potential buyers and captivating more customers especially who are geographically far away. This reduced the overall cost of building a model house and purchase of suitable furniture for showcase.

The implementation of our product was made available across platforms including web, mobile and Gear VR. To levitate the experience, VR headphones was provided that completes the package of premium experience. Our amazing creative designers envisioned the project through the implementation of cutting-edge VR 3D rendering technologies which increased the quality of the project and purchase intention of the customers.

Business Value Delivered

Our impressive product and digital marketing strategy not just helped our clients to engage with their customers but also created an emotional connection towards the property through virtual yet realistic 3D home tours as it takes them to the nook-and-corner to feel and experience the richness and worthiness compelling them to invest their funds.

This eased the pre-ordering process, reduced overall cost, abridged sales cycle timeline to more than the level of expectation with increased customer investment.


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