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Mainely Coffee

Food & Beverage
Millinocket, Maine, USA

About Us

We are specialty coffee roasters and tea blenders who specialize in using cascara (aka coffee fruit) in our signature blends. Our customers tend to be those who prefer quality over quantity when it comes to their hot beverages.

Roger’s brother first introduced us to roasting coffee at home by sending us a Ziploc baggy filled with beans and no explanation. After clarifying that he wasn’t just dividing bags of coffee among the family, he sent us a link to the $1k+ machine he bought to roast coffee in. We couldn’t afford that, so we jumped on YouTube and found we could roast coffee with a popcorn popper, and we never looked back. We are constantly in pursuit of the perfect cup, whether it be coffee or tea.


Services Offered

Roasted CoffeeTeas

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