About Waratah eConveyancing

Waratah eConveyancing is the official website of Bev Gunn, a solicitor with years of experience in electronic conveyancing. The company, Waratah eConveyancing, provides customers with solutions in buying, selling, refinancing, and transferring properties in Australia.


Waratah eConveyancing wanted to have a website that would appear very professional, increase website traffic, upgrade the user experience with SEO optimization, simplify the customer’s experience by enabling them to find the services they need for from the client. The client also wanted the website to fit all screen sizes, be it mobiles, tablets, laptops, and desktops.


Proposed Solutions

Website Design

Our team working on the project knew right from the start that the navigation was crucial to the success of the client. So, they decided to clearly level up technologies to develop and design a modern, clean, and easy to navigate website with creative and functional user interface designs to provide visitors an engaging experience. The look of the design was much improved.

Responsive Design

We developed the client’s website, accommodating size, resolution, and scripting abilities by implementing flexible graphs, images, intelligence use of media queries, and other properties like fluid grids. The new website was optimized for the smartphone and tablet experience to let visitors easily navigate the website on whatever device they’re using.

SEO Specific

The team at Jivaso went above-and-beyond in the web development and made the website SEO-friendly by creating and optimizing relevant keywords with good search traffic potential so that the search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. could effectively crawl each page on the website, interpret the content efficiently, and save it in the database.

Social Networking & Browsing

We put social media icons above the header so the client could capture more customers on social channels like Facebook and LinkedIn with the click of a button. Besides, the website was fully compatible with all modern browsers.

Result Achieved

Waratahe Conveyancing’s website is easy to navigate, looked impressive, and designed for good search traffic potential. The website is accessible to both bots and humans. Visitors can easily find the services they are looking for, which has resulted in missing out on a huge amount of revenue. The responsive web development feature allows dynamic changes to the website appearance, subject to the size of the and orientation of the device the visitors use to view it. Moreover, the website’s fast loading time helps the client reach marketing goals and improve visitors’ experience.