Trueline Media

Trueline Media is a video production and marketing company. It is dedicated to creating videos, such as Corporate Film video, Explainer Videos White Board Videos, Exhibition Videos, etc. When we initially met with Trueline Media, their main concern was to develop a new website for their business.


Trueline Media needed to be seen as a leader in the video production and marketing industries while enhancing their visibility to potential customers. Specifically, they had a knack to reach clients but were unable to achieve this due to the absence of a website. So, they were looking out for a dynamic team of web developers. But Trueline Media was having the problem of a lack of a core team and UI/UX designers to develop their website. So, they sought us for building a website for the end-users so that they could help them attain good traffic and high loading speed.


Solution We Offered

Custom Website

When we met Trueline Media, they needed a development and design team that would give design ideas for the website. Giving priority to their goals, our team collectively put passion into the project and worked as a consolidated approach. We developed dynamic content, keeping in mind the prospective visitors, and where they came from. Also, we created landing pages for our clients so that they can access to ensure smoother navigation.

Position of Authority

We helped Trueline Media establish a position of authority by highlighting what set them apart. We featured the website with ‘Our Work’ and ‘Blog’ sections in the menu bar while highlighting ‘Featured Videos’ and encouraging visitors to directly contact the client by placing a contact number on the index page. This makes it easy for leads and existing clients to find the information they needed. Further, for the ease of visitors, the new website allows them to search for Video Production details by area of service, by industry, or by post-production.

User Experience

To ensure enhanced user experience, our developers update dynamic content so that every user landing on the page could get the exact information and experience they were looking for. How did this affect Trueline Media? Trueline Media experienced an increase in Average Session Duration and a decrease in Bounce Rate. This showed that when people arrived at the website, they stayed longer and were navigating through the website at a higher rate. This led to greater conversions and improved success!

Modern Design Features

Today’s businesses, be it big or small from any industry, want to work with pioneers and innovators in the field and we wanted the design of Trueline Media to evoke that feeling. For this, we remained focused on Minimalism, Color Palettes, Easy Navigation, Typography, White Space, Images, Videos, and more.

Making SEO-Friendly

To give Trueline Media a strong online presence, we designed the website keeping in mind the SEO factors so that it is for search engines to crawl and understand the structure and its content. We created unique titles and descriptions for all pages, formatted URLs, ensured fast loading web pages, designed images that are optimized for search engines, and more.

Result Achieved

At Jivaso, we know that a well-designed website can help create a good impression on your prospective customers. Our team built a new, responsive website that integrated their design ideas with their marketing automation to make sure that visitors could be landed on the page that was most relevant to their requirements.

What more, the new site reflects the services Trueline Media offers, making the index page highlight the multiple services the company provides to its clients. The website to meet the main goal of our client to Generate Qualified Leads, improve lead conversion, increase awareness was developed.

With the new website, Truline Media can nurture its leads and get more conversions. More importantly, the new website provides good user experience and helps visitors access and navigate the website with ease, thereby encouraging visitors to staying longer and reducing bounce rates.