About Token AI

TokenAI is one of the growing on-demand crypto marketing and portfolio analysis platforms driven by Artificial Intelligence in the United States. The company brings an elegant and personalized experience to traders, helping them trade more efficiently. Jivaso has helped TokenAI by providing optimum web development solutions with Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies.


TokenAI wanted to develop a full-proof website for crypto marketing and portfolio analysis. The client wanted visitors to connect to a variety of wallets, exchanges, crypto services, and more through their website. They wanted us to develop an AI-based website using Blockchain technology to let customers get a clear view of their entire crypto holding.


Proposed Solutions

Website Design

Giving priority to the client’s requirements and their business structure, our team designed the website to see all available crypto assets and perform other activities. The layout design is responsive, SEO-friendly, and easy-to-navigate. Our team of hand-picked designers collaborated to develop a modern, responsive, and secure platform, using state-of-the-art technology and creative tools.

Artificial Intelligence

Our experts used an artificial intelligence algorithm to make use of Technical Analysis, Sentiment Analysis and predict accurately the market using Machine Learning. The website allows automatic execution of the trades generated by our AI. We designed a user-friendly, clean, and simple platform!.


We designed the most sophisticated decentralized crypto marketing and portfolio analysis platform using blockchain technology to enable the client to bring transparency, tamper-proof, and secure systems to all its customers.

Optimum on Every Device

This new website developed by our team is responsive that can be accessed on a cell phone. While developing the website, we kept mobile functionality on a top priority. Based on that we developed a design that blended a clean, attractive aesthetic that would look great and be easy to use, no matter what device was accessing the site.

Result Achieved

Our experts added the most essential elements and provided a modern, secure, and responsive platform. The use of a video header on the website captivates visitors’ attention, drawing considerable interest from them. Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies establish a highly secure and customer-centric solution. They allowed the fast, secure, and transparent peer-to-peer generation of crypto marketing and portfolio analysis platforms. Mobile traffic, faster page loading, lower bounce rates, higher conversion rates, improved SEO are some of the major achievements.