About THM Academy

THM Academy is one of the leading gyms in Australia. It’s a one-stop fitness center offering a range of services and elite sports programs. The two popular programs are THM Academy High Performance and THM Academy Education. To grab the online space, THM Academy contacted us for developing and designing a website that would be helpful for customers and in turn grow their business.


THM Academy wanted to have a website that would promote services, reach out to new aspirants, continuously engage with current customers, and ultimately increase their revenue. To meet their requirements, our professional designers and developers crafted a web development plan and suggested the features like responsiveness, accessible to all users, fast load time, browsers consistency, effective navigation, and error-free.


Proposed Solutions

Homepage & About Us

We created an ‘About Us’ page which is displayed on the homepage as well. We portrayed the photos of the CEO & Founder as well as coaches, highlighting their skills, experience, qualification, and more to build up trust with customers. The homepage fo the THM Academy website also includes all the services with short descriptions.

Attractive Website Design

Our experts created a clean, attractive layout so that the client could attract potential gym members. Typically, we went for a simple layout to give a professional look to the website. Our layout is quick and easy for its visitors to navigate. Besides, our team gave priority to clear photos, shareability, responsiveness, and design, etc.

Online Booking Calendar

We added an online calendar right on the homepage below which was built-in appointment booking facility and contact addresses (phone & email, location). This was done to enable people to confirm whether classes are available and they could book them.

Social Media Links

Our team included social media links on the client’s website. For this, we included the linked social media icons in the header that is displayed on every page. It’s easy for people to find and connect the client on social media.

Result Achieved

The features we added to the THM Academy website helped the clients reach, connect, and engage with site visitors more effectively than ever. The website was well optimized and had all the essential features needed to create a successful fitness site. Responsive designs, compatible with all browsers help visitors access the website on any device. The layout designed by us reflect the client’s business and help him easily promote his services