About SoapLah

SoapLah is an online place in Singapore to buy skincare products. The company offers homemade soap and other facial creams, oils that are made using natural ingredients that keep your skin supple. As per the company, the skin will never dry on using SoapLah soap. Since advertisement through the internet has become an absolute must, the client, SoapLah, contacted us for creating web banners for their various eCommerce stores and more.


The client needed a partner who could quickly handle an extensive project of designing a large volume of web banners for eCommerce stores in a short period of time. The turnaround time was very short and each banner design needed to carefully match the name, theme for which was being designed. There were lots of tasks to include, like image clipping, color correction/cropping, etc. Our team needed to fully understand the client’s requirements in such a short time.


Proposed Solutions

As usual, we accepted the challenge and jumped into making our action plan for the client’s project. To make sure the project was completed by the deadline provided and to the quality level expected, the Jivaso team took prompt actions.

Web Banner Design

At Jivaso, we designed a large number of product images and web banners for the clients, which required us to perform a lot of tasks such as deciding the most effective, standard banner sizes, placing banner ads correctly, maintaining hierarchy, keeping it simple yet attractive, having a clearly defined frame, making text instantly reasonable, using animation or product images where required.

Skilled & Technologies

Jivaso’s highly skilled team of professionals handled the banner design processing work for the client seamlessly. The team consisted of certified designs and writers. They proceeded to design each banner using advanced technologies, before sending the files to the client for review. In designing the product, our designers used multiple tools, such as Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe Dreamweaver, HTML, and many other tools.

Designing for User Experience

Because user experience is important for ResEssential, we gave a message, highlighting the client’s capabilities and how their service can help visitors engage residents. As visitors scroll through the website, they will be guided to how the property will benefit.

Responsive & SEO Optimized

Our team achieved the client’s requirements for a responsive, SEO-friendly website. We focused on thoroughness and accuracy when accomplishing the task through concern for all the areas involved.

Result Achieved

As a result of the Jivaso team's efforts on this project, the client was able to reduce their in-house costs to a great extent and cleared their backlog of their web banner designs that were pending. We were able to complete the project on time and at an accuracy level of more than 98%. This way, we fulfilled the client’s expected benchmark. The client was fully satisfied with these results and promised to offer more work to Jivaso.