Trueline Media

Trueline Media

Trueline Media is a video production and marketing company. It is dedicated to creating videos, such as Corporate Film video, Explainer Videos White Board Videos, Exhibition Videos, etc. When we initially met with Trueline Media, their main concern was to develop a new website for their business.


Trueline Media needed to be seen as a leader in the video production and marketing industries while enhancing their visibility to potential customers. Specifically, they had a knack to reach clients but were unable to achieve this due to the absence of a website. So, they were looking out for a dynamic team of web developers. But Trueline Media was having the problem of a lack of a core team and UI/UX designers to develop their website. So, they sought us for building a website for the end-users so that they could help them attain good traffic and high loading speed.


Solution We Offered

Custom Website

When we met Trueline Media, they needed a development and design team that would give design ideas for the website. Giving priority to their goals, our team collectively put passion into the project and worked as a consolidated approach. We developed dynamic content, keeping in mind the prospective visitors, and where they came from. Also, we created landing pages for our clients so that they can access to ensure smoother navigation.

Position of Authority

We helped Trueline Media establish a position of authority by highlighting what set them apart. We featured the website with ‘Our Work’ and ‘Blog’ sections in the menu bar while highlighting ‘Featured Videos’ and encouraging visitors to directly contact the client by placing a contact number on the index page. This makes it easy for leads and existing clients to find the information they needed. Further, for the ease of visitors, the new website allows them to search for Video Production details by area of service, by industry, or by post-production.

User Experience

To ensure enhanced user experience, our developers update dynamic content so that every user landing on the page could get the exact information and experience they were looking for. How did this affect Trueline Media? Trueline Media experienced an increase in Average Session Duration and a decrease in Bounce Rate. This showed that when people arrived at the website, they stayed longer and were navigating through the website at a higher rate. This led to greater conversions and improved success!

Modern Design Features

Today’s businesses, be it big or small from any industry, want to work with pioneers and innovators in the field and we wanted the design of Trueline Media to evoke that feeling. For this, we remained focused on Minimalism, Color Palettes, Easy Navigation, Typography, White Space, Images, Videos, and more.

Making SEO-Friendly

To give Trueline Media a strong online presence, we designed the website keeping in mind the SEO factors so that it is for search engines to crawl and understand the structure and its content. We created unique titles and descriptions for all pages, formatted URLs, ensured fast loading web pages, designed images that are optimized for search engines, and more.

Result Achieved

At Jivaso, we know that a well-designed website can help create a good impression on your prospective customers. Our team built a new, responsive website that integrated their design ideas with their marketing automation to make sure that visitors could be landed on the page that was most relevant to their requirements.

What more, the new site reflects the services Trueline Media offers, making the index page highlight the multiple services the company provides to its clients. The website to meet the main goal of our client to Generate Qualified Leads, improve lead conversion, increase awareness was developed.

With the new website, Truline Media can nurture its leads and get more conversions. More importantly, the new website provides good user experience and helps visitors access and navigate the website with ease, thereby encouraging visitors to staying longer and reducing bounce rates.


Austune Commercial

Austune Commercial

Austune Commercial Pty Ltd is a popular importer of commercial refrigeration and catering equipment in Australia. The company is dedicated to providing environment-friendly Refrigeration, Convection Ovens, Dishwashers, and Catering equipment to Hotels, Restaurants, National Chains and all food manufacturing facilities. After us online, Austune Commercial contacted us for web development and design solutions.


When Austune Commercial approached us, they wanted a more robust, modern, and responsive website that gives visitors complete information about services, highlighting why Austune Commercial is the right company for the commercial and catering equipment solutions. To fulfill these requirements, we processed with a power-packed solution, setting forth to create an online solution that’s not only pleasing to look, but seamlessly cater to the needs of hotels, restaurants, and cafes.


Proposed Solutions

Jivaso makes sure to assign the most experienced and knowledgable PHP developers for the projects undertaken. Our experts leverage the PHP framework and specialized in engineering excellent innovative web solutions. The sheer excellence of our developers lies in their specialty in using all the latest PHP tools, technologies, frameworks, and handling complex, multi-technology, and multi-disciplinary projects.

Modern Design & Development

Understanding the client’s project scope and requirements, we conceptualized the design process with a focus on technical matters such as code, wireframes, and content management. Our team dug into the sitemap, worked on the visual elements, & visual style, curated the idea using wireframe which outlines the skeleton for the design.

Fully Responsive Design

To fulfill the client’s requirements of a responsive website, our developer worked on adding responsive meta tags the HTML document, designed images and embedded video responsive, ensured the client’s typography will be easily readable on mobile devices.

Content Management

Since the client wanted an informative website, we had a bigger picture of the site in mind. Our experts updated content on individual pages, keeping search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. We added ‘About Us’ and ‘Why Choose Us’ right on the home page so that visitors can get to know about Austune Commercial and it’s unique qualities.

Customer Friendly

With Austune Commercial aims at quality support, our developers developed a separate support page with the client’s contact details, highlighting other modes of connection and the requirements they need to have to book service of Austune Commercial. Customers cal also directly call Austune Commercial for more details about the service.

Result Achieved

Austune Commercial website is well-branded, easy to navigate, and fully responsive. While the home page combines the information about the company and factors to encourage customers to this company, the menu bar includes ‘Home’ ‘About Us’ ‘Support’ ‘Contact’ and the client’s services: Austune Refrigeration and Austune Equipment with drop-down options for easy navigation of complete solutions. As visitors take the cursor to the Austune Refrigeration or Austune Equipment, they see the dropdown and visit the relevant page.

From the marketing point of view, Austune Commercial’s website is SEO friendly, having unique content to maintain the authoritative brand voice while still optimizing for marketing and readability. The site is not only user-friendly but industry-centric as well.

One MustardSeed

About OneMustardSeed

One Mustard Seed is a leading travel company that provides adventurous trips, mission trips, architecture trips, archaeology digs. The company also produces reality shows. Rich Aguilera, known as “The Mud Guy” is behind One Mustard Seed who made ways to find fun, creative ways to teach people to see the adventurous of life. The company organizes exciting activities such as caving, ziplining, river safari, etc.


One Mustard Seed wanted to build a website that could present their travel experience in the most exciting and alluring way. They had a great liking for beautiful high-resolution adventurous trip images and tantalizing images of high-quality travel destinations on their website. Also, Rich Aguilera wanted to inform visitors about his tours and destinations, upcoming events, and much more with his website.


Proposed Solutions

Website Features

We were aware of the essential features the best tourism websites need to have. We also knew the importance of an up t0 date website for the client. So, our team designed that layout which was true to the client’s prime offering i.e. login & registration, searching and booking for events, buying tickets. We added double navigation bars. One for social sharing, login, and registration another one is for other services. c

Homepage Layout

To make the homepage attractive, we put a high-quality image slider in the banner area that features photographs of upcoming shows, & different adventure activities. We also included a catchy message and used the below-the-fold section the details of upcoming trips & events. Footer area feature was linked to content-based pages and social media plugins. Through the homepage, we ensured that visitors get to know about all the client’s offerings.

Social Networking

Our team enabled social media icons (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YoutTube, LinkedIn) to capture more customers on social channels with the click of a button. We were determined to choose the icons that fit the client’s website best!

SEO Optimization & Browsers Compatible

We designed all themes according to SEO support in order to increase search results on search engines. Also, all the themes were fully compatible with all the modern browsers: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or even Opera.

Result Achieved

From the very start, visitors can easily figure out how to go about the site. The website doesn’t have just appealing layout with attractive pictures; but also relevant features to keep visitors exploring the site. With the main navigation that displays the website home, store, and more, visitors can easily infer the vast diversity of the solutions carried at One Mustard Seed. The website has been designed and developed in a way to increase sales and search engine traffic.

Jay Diamondz

About Jay Diamondz

Jay Diamondz is a well-known music artist, creates, performs, and releases music independently or through a record label. The commitment level of Jay Diamondz is extremely high, living sometimes a nomadic and taxing lifestyle. Finding us on the internet, the client approached us to develop a website to reach an online audience.


Jay Diamondz wanted to have a website to earn online reputation and reach more audiences. The client tended to have every feature that allows people to book tickets for his music concerts, access to popular music, watch the latest performance, know about the upcoming shows, and all. Besides, the client also wished the website to be very classic and modern.


Proposed Solutions

Homepage Design

We used a large background HD graphics on the header with stunning images of Jay Diamondz. Beneath it is fascinating content to drive visitors’ attention. We also added a view below the picture to make the website most engaging. Different videos are one of the popular homepage design of the website, uncovering the skills of the artist.

Social Media

Our development team has linked the Instagram accounts that portray the latest posts of Jay Diamondz, telling the story of the personality, and beautiful, popular videos, information about the latest performance or concerts. In the footer is the Twiter Feed and newsletter to help audiences get to know the upcoming events or concerts.

Page Speed & Widgets

The website was fully optimized for better load speed. We used lightweight images and videos and avoided so many plugins. Also, we did our best by including custom widgets that one can easily drag and drop to activate and customize as the client want.

SEO Optimization

The design was built to meet SEO requirements. For each individual page, meta keywords and descriptions were set, which led to increasing search results on search engines. Besides, the themes are fully compatible with all the modern browsers, whether they are Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or even Opera.

Result Achieved

We knew that artists and musicians put their soul into music. And missing to carry out their energy over to their website is an injustice to them. That’s why we developed a very dynamic and rocking website of Jay Diamondz that gives the feeling of the music. The website showcases all the beautiful music of the artist. Since it’s SEO friendly, chances of a ranking search engine are extremely high. Press photos, videos, social media, contact information, latest releases, and Instagram posts keep the website apart from the industry.

Event Bible

About Event Bible

Event Bible is a wedding assist platform, providing award-winning wedding services such as making arrangements for the actual wedding ceremony and every wedding-related event. The company helps clients in planning and coordinating with decorators, caterers, artist managers, and more. The Event Bible called us because they wanted more customization ability in designers and developers.


The client, Event Bible, wanted to develop a website that could appear like a personalized wedding website. They desired the most professional-looking site. Since they had to be present online, they expected an SEO friendly website could bring them a high rank and search engine traffic. Also, the client wanted to reach every type of customers through mobile, desktop, iPhone, Notebook, etc.


Proposed Solutions

Design & Development

When we sat down with the folks, we mapped out a design plan that would increase search engine results to make the Event Bible’s website more visible and attractive. We used high-quality wedding images for the banner with a message to captivate attention. The SEO-friendly website’s images on display draw in new visitors and reengage current members. Our experts followed step by step guide to tailor-fit the wedding website that met the unique requirements of the client.

Discovery from Local People

To improve visibility within the client’s target market, our professionals coupled with the market team made local SEO a top priority and continued to concentrate on the develop an SEO friendly website for wedding services. As a result, the majority of traffic to Event Bible’s website was expected from the local area and surrounding community.

Compatible on Every Device

The new wedding website developed by us is compatible with any device. It was developed with a view to be used on a cell phone. We knew mobile functionality had to be a top priority. So our development team created a design that blended a clean, attractive aesthetic that would look great and be easy to use, irrespective of the device was accessing this website.

Information on One Click

Wedding service websites tend to have a lot of attractive and fascinating images of decoration, food, events along with complete information about the company, services, like catering, organizer, and all. If visitors can’t find the information they need quickly, they’ll leave. With that in mind, we mapped out a website that made it easy for first-time comers to get attracted to images and find what they needed to know.

Result Achieved

The result of working closely with Event Bible led to is modern and trendy website development. Jivaso’s development team created a stunning design that was easily optimized to attract a couple seeing a professional wedding service provider. The new homepage drives home that Event Bible is focused on enabling the bride and the groom to get more. With service details, catering information story, and targeting the right customers like event or festival organizer, projected growth, and income. Potential clients can find all information about the client’s wedding services.


About ePayLater

ePayLater is a digital payment solution company based in Mumbai, India. The company offers interest-free credit term of 14 days to frequent online customers by helping them with ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ solution. Within a short span, ePayLater has become a participant in the Amazon Associated Program. To make a strong online presence, ePayLater made a contract with us seeking our help to develop and design the best website for the business.


In our meeting with ePayLater, the client explained its business. They wanted to allow customers to transact anytime using their ePayLater UPI handle. Also, the client explained the step by step guide to using ePayLater as a preferred mode of payment. We listened to the client and made strategies to develop a website for their business that could easily connect with customers, easy to navigate, and could be fully responsive and SEO-centric.


Proposed Solutions

Mobile-First Design

The ePayLater website was built with a focus on a mobile-first and SEO-friendly design to ensure it would load quickly on mobiles and laptops. At Jivaso, we developed simple and intuitive navigation to enable online purchasers to meet their goals of making payment seamlessly. Right from helpful guides to use the service, where to use and getting rewards, customers can find everything on the website.

Simple Navigation Bar

Our experts developed an easy to use navigation bar header, which includes just ‘Home’, UPI, Small Business, Help, login and Sign Up option. With this, the portal allows visitors to understand how they can make payment using ePayLater. The addition of a blog section in the menu bar is a way to share expert knowledge with customers.

SEO-Centric Design

Since the client wanted an SEO-centric website, our development & design team made Search Engine Optimization (SEO) a top priority by blending the most relevant keywords and implementing a content strategy with technical elements that helped prevent lose traction against competitors.

Result Achieved

Jivaso built a new, responsive website that combined simple navigation with the SEO, modern design, and engaging content that ePayLater required for ensuring its business became a success. Our developers built a website that reflects the client’s desire to provide an obvious path to online purchasers by making it easy to find information, connect with online shopping, and to get started – all from the homepage itself. The details of the partners where customers can pay using ePayLater helped visitors take a quick decision. Since the website was designed giving SEO the top priority, it boosted the ranking of the website and remained visible to audiences.

Eax Auto Repair

About Eax Auto Repair

EAX Auto Repair is a reliable vehicle repair center, established in Lekki, Nigeria. It has specialists with expertise in alignment & wheel, balancing, clutch installation systems, gearbox change, car upholstery, diagnostics. Eax Auto Repair contacted us to provide them with an affordable way to promote their brand and spread their brand message.


In our meeting with EAX Auto Repair, we clearly got to know what the client was expecting from us. The client wanted to go for fyler marketing solutions and market their business. Their challenge was to design very effective flyers. They did not have exports who did know the game of using the right colors, the right fonts, font sizes, and the exact size of flyers, so they were unable to use this strong and successful marketing tool for their automobile business.


Proposed Solutions

As a leading company in Canada, our experts designed two flyers for Eax Auto Repair to meet the marketing requirements of the client.

Flyer Layout Design

We created flyers keeping the target audience in our minds. We made flyers that were simple, easily readable, brief content, divided into digestible sections, used bullet points, and infographics. We also created catchy headlines, added a call to action, about us the company, and contact address. We didn’t fail to add logo of the client on the top right of the flyer.

Font Used

We understand that flyers are made to pass important information and persuade customers to buy a particular product or service. With that in mind, we kept the flyers simple, but effective by using a few catchy words and large fonts. We focused on keeping the headlining prominent and crispy so that customers can digest it easily.

Result Achieved

Our team worked hard to produce the best-designed flyers for Tax Auto Repair. The flyers we designed were very effective, lightweight and affordable at producing a response to the clients. Using them, the client was able to reach more people than expected. They were able to share your business information with those who might not have noticed them before.

Blue Amber Corporation

About Blue Amber Corporation

Blue Amber Corporation is an online network eCommerce marketplace, located in Miami, Florida, USA. The company deals in a variety of buying and selling products online, such as Men & Women Clothing, Shoes, Shop Electronics, Mobile, Home & Kitchen appliances, and more. We had a meeting with Blue Amber Corporation to develop their eCommerce website.


Developing an eCommerce website has never been easier for Blue Amber Corporation. Besides building a platform to search and buy countless products, the eCommerce website also includes several other activities such as product reviews, adding payment gateways, design to easily search any product, and so on. The client was clueless about how the website design, layout, and structure. With all that in mind, our team restored to develop a website for an online store that could have fast load speed, search engine friendly, and responsive.


Proposed Solutions

User Interface

We worked diligently with the client to create a strong eCommerce experience for their customers by allowing them to easily browse, reserve, or purchase products online. The user-friendly UI allowed intuitive navigation and pleasant shopping experience for customers. The development team remained focused on a highly usable, searchable, and browseable product catalog with easy social sharing options and clear conversion points.


Responsive web design enables web pages to be compatible with any devices and windows or screen sizes. It also loads fast. The interface we designed works fast. So, no issue of slow and laggy interfaces and consumers do not need to wait for a website to load. The interface also gives some form of feedback. Like, it talks back to users to inform whether or not he or she has pressed that button successfully, or the button displays a ‘pressed’ state to give that feedback.

Improve Overall Experience

We tried to improve the overall experience of visitors and helped the client create a more engaging experience. This became possible by creating a highly searchable, usable, searchable, and browseable product catalog with easy social sharing options. We designed more SEO-centric and socially focused posts in order to drive user engagement and organic searches. To make it more customer-friendly, we added category lists and contact us options.

Artificial intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) has streamlined the process of analyzing customer data so the client can make sure his subscribers receive relevant information. With AI, experts quickly understand what type of content is being consumed, segmentation potions, subscriber health, headline suggestions, and so on.

Result Achieved

Our development team was focused on landing page impressions as this is the place where visitors’ journeys begin. We gave priority to easy navigation, call to action, search bar, category list, easy online payment, and more. The website let the client sell products online easily and consumers to have an excellent shopping experience every time they purchase something from Blue Amber Corporation.

UI is simple, efficient, easy to use, and responsive, which does great jobs for both the seller and the buyer. However, we went that extra mile to make UI attractive too so that it could be truly satisfying. AI technology helps email marketers improve their current strategies by sending relevant information based on the customer’s past behavior.

Alpha Romeo Renaissance

About Alpha Romeo Renaissance

Alpha Romeo Renaissance is a renowned car manufacturing company in Thailand. Established in 1910 and the first automobile company to feature a twin spark ignition, today, Alpha Romeo Renaissance leverages its heritage while looking toward the future. It has created several masterpieces and optimal vehicles for those demanding the highest level of performance and utility in equal measure.


A legend in the automobile industry, Alpha Romeo Renaissance wanted us to develop an avant-garde website with a legendary and royal touch. As a leading website development company in Canada, we carefully crafted every detail to optimize performance and accentuate style. We carried out an in-depth analysis of the client’s industry and created development strategies. to work on the client’s project.


Proposed Solutions

Homepage Website Banner

We adopted a comprehensive approach to developing the website, starting from wireframing, coding, testing and deployment. To give a captivating appearance, we designed high-quality images for the website banner. We were focused on building a clear, simple, and straight to the point in the headline messaging. The design respects the clients’ goals and visitors’ needs.

Car Model Display

Alpha Romeo Renaissance manufactures cars, we planned to display the latest model of the car with stunning images, headlines, and impressive content. The homepage displays the series of the car model manufactured by the client which gives visitors several reasons to take a tour of the page. The homepage has been developed in a way to allow visitors to get great exposure to the vehicle on the international level, which can help them boost up their business.

Attractive Videos

Our team knows the importance of elite-class videos on the website. That’s why they uploaded a powerful video of the car model on the homepage. This was done with an aim to quickly deliver the client’s message, engage the website visitors, drive traffic to the website, give the brand a personality, strengthen the bond with visitors, increase reach and stand out from the competition.

Blog & Newsletter

Blog and newsletters are the two most important elements of an automotive website. We added these two features to boost search Engine Optimization, Develop Relationships with Potential and Existing Customers, Establish Business as an Industry Leader, Connect People to Your Brand, Provide Value for Your Readers, Generate Leads.

Result Achieved

A highly interactive and user-friendly UI of the website helps to interact with the customer. The website is compatible with every latest browser and operating system. The use of videos keeps people on the website longer and engages them with the client’s content. Videos help visitors get to know, like, and trust you, they feel interested. Moreover, the blogs and newsletters help clients in creating relations of trust with the audience, improve the reputation of the client’s brand, stabilize marketing endeavors, showcase expertise, increase website traffic, and referrals.

Ace Liquor

About Ace Liquor

ACE Liquor is a renowned liquor company in Canada. It has in its stock a wide range of craft beers from Canada and around the world. It also has a pretty good range of wines and is committed to improving its selection to meet the customers’ needs. We worked with ACE Liquor to enhance its branding and earn a reputable name in the industry. The client partnered with us, especially for flyers and branding solutions and we were able to meet what the client had expected from us.


The client wanted to do branding for its business, which was not possible overnight. Branding is not just about giving an attractive name or an attractive logo or slogan. What the client was expecting from us was to bring in place the best branding strategies and implement them for optimum results. It was a big challenge as the client wanted everything to be done as soon as possible. However, at Jivaso, we managed to do the best for ACE Liquor and it gave potential results.


Proposed Solutions

Jivaso makes sure to assign the most experienced and knowledgable PHP developers for the projects undertaken. Our experts leverage the PHP framework and specialized in engineering excellent innovative web solutions. The sheer excellence of our developers lies in their specialty in using all the latest PHP tools, technologies, frameworks, and handling complex, multi-technology, and multi-disciplinary projects.
We were very much aware that the print quality and finish quality of the flyers depend on the flyer design. So, we designed flyers that could have a quality print and would create some buzz around. Besides, our designers and writers made sure that the flyers contained all the information that everyone needed. This made it easy for the client to send a complete message to the customers about its brand.
For optimum branding solutions, we focused on how people could see the client’s business, building online platforms, weaving the client’s brand into everything we do, remaining consistent. Our focus also laid on flyers as these were great ways to advertise the client’s business and reach the targeted audience. We took into consideration creating flyers for the client. For this, our team identified the target audience of the client, tried to create flyers that could stand the business apart, gain the attention of the audience, and highlight the client’s message.

Result Achieved

Due to the reduced costs compared with the other forms of advertising, using the flyers seemed to be the most effective way for us to promote the client’s brand and get a good return. Since we added some attractive elements such as truthfulness, efficiency, fun, and product qualities, it encouraged the audience to take action. For instance, we mixed some personal information on the flyers accompanied by promotional messages that gave better results to the client. It prompted people to talk about the client’s products. Thus, ACE Liquor’s products spread by word of mouth.