About OneMustardSeed

One Mustard Seed is a leading travel company that provides adventurous trips, mission trips, architecture trips, archaeology digs. The company also produces reality shows. Rich Aguilera, known as “The Mud Guy” is behind One Mustard Seed who made ways to find fun, creative ways to teach people to see the adventurous of life. The company organizes exciting activities such as caving, ziplining, river safari, etc.


One Mustard Seed wanted to build a website that could present their travel experience in the most exciting and alluring way. They had a great liking for beautiful high-resolution adventurous trip images and tantalizing images of high-quality travel destinations on their website. Also, Rich Aguilera wanted to inform visitors about his tours and destinations, upcoming events, and much more with his website.


Proposed Solutions

Website Features

We were aware of the essential features the best tourism websites need to have. We also knew the importance of an up t0 date website for the client. So, our team designed that layout which was true to the client’s prime offering i.e. login & registration, searching and booking for events, buying tickets. We added double navigation bars. One for social sharing, login, and registration another one is for other services. c

Homepage Layout

To make the homepage attractive, we put a high-quality image slider in the banner area that features photographs of upcoming shows, & different adventure activities. We also included a catchy message and used the below-the-fold section the details of upcoming trips & events. Footer area feature was linked to content-based pages and social media plugins. Through the homepage, we ensured that visitors get to know about all the client’s offerings.

Social Networking

Our team enabled social media icons (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YoutTube, LinkedIn) to capture more customers on social channels with the click of a button. We were determined to choose the icons that fit the client’s website best!

SEO Optimization & Browsers Compatible

We designed all themes according to SEO support in order to increase search results on search engines. Also, all the themes were fully compatible with all the modern browsers: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or even Opera.

Result Achieved

From the very start, visitors can easily figure out how to go about the site. The website doesn’t have just appealing layout with attractive pictures; but also relevant features to keep visitors exploring the site. With the main navigation that displays the website home, store, and more, visitors can easily infer the vast diversity of the solutions carried at One Mustard Seed. The website has been designed and developed in a way to increase sales and search engine traffic.