About Migratesy

Migratesy is a proud company, established in Canada. The company offers a comprehensive practice management platform for immigration consultants to simplify the immigration application process and more. The client was satisfied with the kid of work we did for other clients. So, they contacted us to leverage our expertise in development, design, and corporate branding.


During our meeting with Migratesy, the client expressed his desire of expanding their immigration consultancy business online. They wanted to establish their identity in the industry and let the people know about their service. We got to know the client’s requirements and suggested for website design & development solutions, logo design, and corporate identity solutions. The client was satisfied and went into partnership with us to complete this project.


Proposed Solutions

After observing the client’s business and understanding their requirement, we step forwarded to provide them with web and logo development and design and corporate branding solutions.

Web Development

Since the client was associated with the immigration consultancy service, we analyzed the website of competitors to know the kind of services they deliver. After thorough observation, we instructed our experienced and skilled developers and designers to build a website with a focus on visual designs, upload speed, high-quality images, clutter-free, easy navigation, SEO centric, and many other features.

Logo Design

A logo is among the most essential part of the company’s brand. We know that it makes a significant impact. Our graphic designers are imaginative and are able to apply that imagination in their work. They did hard work and finally designed a logo, which can be recognized as soon as one sees it. The logo we designed is impactful, memorable, relevant, and versatile.

Corporate Identity

Our professional graphic designers designed various corporate images for clients through which the client was able to present their business to the public. We collaborated with the client to execute the message they wanted to communicate. As an experienced company, we were focused on a perfect logo design, use of imagery, color scheme, typography, and design. We had an aim to let the consumer have the best impression from the website. Our effective design and aggressive marketing methods were targeted, brand-centric, and within budget.

Result Achieved

The client got fully satisfied with our comprehensive web development, design, and corporate identity a solution. Value-based and SEO-centric website and ensign boost quality while decreasing cost and utilization. We made sure the corporate identity solutions remained unique, engaging, consistent, and inspiring, far-reaching. The client was very happy with our commitment, collaboration, and flexibility support and for ready to recommend our names to others.