About LinoySleep

LinoySleep is a mattress manufacturing company, which manufactures and supplies a wide range of unique mattresses with a clean and modern design. The company claims to use the best quality natural materials for all mattresses, which ensure outstanding durability and comforts. LinoySleep contacted us to get corporate branding solutions, logo design services, and other marketing solutions that would let them earn online recognition.


LinoySleep needed a wide range of solutions like digital banners, UI/UX/CX Solutions, handouts, and corporate branding to promote the brand name of its corporate entity. With not adequate branding solutions in place to resonate with their target audience, the client’s potential customers were sure to find what they needed elsewhere. The challenges in the project of LinoySleep included creating a logo design with a perfect color combination that elegantly represents its business. The lighting and quality of the images were another concern.


Proposed Solutions

After observing LinoySleep, we realized that the client’s business required unique corporate branding and a business logo along with many other things. We helped clients by providing the following solutions:

Logo Design

As a professional team, we know that the logo is the most important part of a business as it symbolizes the identity of the brand. So, our graphic designers combined lots of magic ingredients such as colors, distinctive shapes to make an original and meaningful logo. After a lot of hard work, they designed an attractive logo.

Corporate Branding

The competition is fierce. Our first step to developing a new brand strategy was to define the client’s target audience, concerns, and objectives. We then created the Facebook page of the company, constructed a ‘brand platform’ through the integration of the logo with the brand promise and value proposition. We consistently created posts for Facebook with captivating captions to engage users, increase likes. We also interacted with visitors and answer their questions.

Digital Banners & Handouts

Designing digital banners and handouts was a part of our corporate branding solutions to identify gaps and connect dots for creating create opportunities, transforming businesses, and growing the client’s presence and influence. We knew that digital banners grab the attention of the audience. So, we used advanced technologies and let the viewers have the liberty to charge the viewing angels of the images as per their needs or comfort level.

Result Achieved

The work for LinoySleep was a great success on all levels and we received a lot of positive feedback from clients. After unveiling the new brand identity with attention-grabbing logo and engaging digital banners and applying them on the Facebook page, LinoySleep had anoverwhelming number of visitors, inquiries about products. Not only was the client’s desired result achieved, but the popularity of LinoySleep increased significantly.