About F&D Bearings

F & D Bearings India LLP is an Authorized and Exclusive Distributor for F&D Bearings in the Indian market. The company supplies automobile bearings, motorcycle bearings, fan bearings, household appliances bearings, industrial electrical motor bearings, textile machine bearings, and more. F&D Bearings contacted Jivaso to offer a wide range of solutions, including logo design, corporate branding, marketing collateral, and website development.


When F&D Bearings contacted us, it had a lot of expectations from us like designing its brand logo, making branding strategies, making marketing collateral to support the sales of its products. Since Jivaso is a full-fledged company, the client also went into contract to develop and design its website. The major challenge was that F&D Bearings wanted all the work to be done within a short span of time meeting all the search engine requirements and other norms.


Proposed Solutions

As one of the most trusted names in Canada, we assigned this project to our team of professional graphic designers, developers, content writers, and marketing experts and instructed them to deliver the best results to the client.

Logo Design

Our graphic designers got insights into the client’s business which is related to the automotive industry. They tried to add the element of visual communication and problem-solving aspect with their creative skills i.e. they gave an eye for art and design. With expertise in the latest technology, punctuality, typography, accuracy, analytics, color sense, and precision, they designed a perfect logo.

Website Development

To improve visibility within the client’s target market, our professionals coupled with the market team made local SEO a top priority and continued to concentrate on the develop an SEO friendly website for wedding services. As a result, the majority of traffic to Event Bible’s website was expected from the local area and surrounding community.

Marketing Collateral

Our experts got engaged in designing marketing collateral that combined a perfect blend of design and message. The color of collateral best matched the color of the logo of the company and writers dug out for specific information that customers needed. They added reference material for sales, support materials for conversations, to spread awareness of the client’s business.

Corporate Branding

We gave a perfect cooperation branding solutions to the client. We designed an impressive logo, wrote down the brand messages, created the voice, created tagline, and brand standards for the client’s marketing materials.

Result Achieved

With our hard world, the client, F&D Bearings was able to achieve what it had expected from us. We turned as a one-stop-solution for the client to meet all its requirements. With a short period, the client had a perfect logo, website, and materials for online branding. We completed every task with SEO in mind. So, the client did not have any issues in the online market. Thus, F&D Bearings had a complete solution under one roof.