About Event Bible

Event Bible is a wedding assist platform, providing award-winning wedding services such as making arrangements for the actual wedding ceremony and every wedding-related event. The company helps clients in planning and coordinating with decorators, caterers, artist managers, and more. The Event Bible called us because they wanted more customization ability in designers and developers.


The client, Event Bible, wanted to develop a website that could appear like a personalized wedding website. They desired the most professional-looking site. Since they had to be present online, they expected an SEO friendly website could bring them a high rank and search engine traffic. Also, the client wanted to reach every type of customers through mobile, desktop, iPhone, Notebook, etc.


Proposed Solutions

Design & Development

When we sat down with the folks, we mapped out a design plan that would increase search engine results to make the Event Bible’s website more visible and attractive. We used high-quality wedding images for the banner with a message to captivate attention. The SEO-friendly website’s images on display draw in new visitors and reengage current members. Our experts followed step by step guide to tailor-fit the wedding website that met the unique requirements of the client.

Discovery from Local People

To improve visibility within the client’s target market, our professionals coupled with the market team made local SEO a top priority and continued to concentrate on the develop an SEO friendly website for wedding services. As a result, the majority of traffic to Event Bible’s website was expected from the local area and surrounding community.

Compatible on Every Device

The new wedding website developed by us is compatible with any device. It was developed with a view to be used on a cell phone. We knew mobile functionality had to be a top priority. So our development team created a design that blended a clean, attractive aesthetic that would look great and be easy to use, irrespective of the device was accessing this website.

Information on One Click

Wedding service websites tend to have a lot of attractive and fascinating images of decoration, food, events along with complete information about the company, services, like catering, organizer, and all. If visitors can’t find the information they need quickly, they’ll leave. With that in mind, we mapped out a website that made it easy for first-time comers to get attracted to images and find what they needed to know.

Result Achieved

The result of working closely with Event Bible led to is modern and trendy website development. Jivaso’s development team created a stunning design that was easily optimized to attract a couple seeing a professional wedding service provider. The new homepage drives home that Event Bible is focused on enabling the bride and the groom to get more. With service details, catering information story, and targeting the right customers like event or festival organizer, projected growth, and income. Potential clients can find all information about the client’s wedding services.