About Eax Auto Repair

EAX Auto Repair is a reliable vehicle repair center, established in Lekki, Nigeria. It has specialists with expertise in alignment & wheel, balancing, clutch installation systems, gearbox change, car upholstery, diagnostics. Eax Auto Repair contacted us to provide them with an affordable way to promote their brand and spread their brand message.


In our meeting with EAX Auto Repair, we clearly got to know what the client was expecting from us. The client wanted to go for fyler marketing solutions and market their business. Their challenge was to design very effective flyers. They did not have exports who did know the game of using the right colors, the right fonts, font sizes, and the exact size of flyers, so they were unable to use this strong and successful marketing tool for their automobile business.


Proposed Solutions

As a leading company in Canada, our experts designed two flyers for Eax Auto Repair to meet the marketing requirements of the client.

Flyer Layout Design

We created flyers keeping the target audience in our minds. We made flyers that were simple, easily readable, brief content, divided into digestible sections, used bullet points, and infographics. We also created catchy headlines, added a call to action, about us the company, and contact address. We didn’t fail to add logo of the client on the top right of the flyer.

Font Used

We understand that flyers are made to pass important information and persuade customers to buy a particular product or service. With that in mind, we kept the flyers simple, but effective by using a few catchy words and large fonts. We focused on keeping the headlining prominent and crispy so that customers can digest it easily.

Result Achieved

Our team worked hard to produce the best-designed flyers for Tax Auto Repair. The flyers we designed were very effective, lightweight and affordable at producing a response to the clients. Using them, the client was able to reach more people than expected. They were able to share your business information with those who might not have noticed them before.