About Blue Amber Corporation

Blue Amber Corporation is an online network eCommerce marketplace, located in Miami, Florida, USA. The company deals in a variety of buying and selling products online, such as Men & Women Clothing, Shoes, Shop Electronics, Mobile, Home & Kitchen appliances, and more. We had a meeting with Blue Amber Corporation to develop their eCommerce website.


Developing an eCommerce website has never been easier for Blue Amber Corporation. Besides building a platform to search and buy countless products, the eCommerce website also includes several other activities such as product reviews, adding payment gateways, design to easily search any product, and so on. The client was clueless about how the website design, layout, and structure. With all that in mind, our team restored to develop a website for an online store that could have fast load speed, search engine friendly, and responsive.


Proposed Solutions

User Interface

We worked diligently with the client to create a strong eCommerce experience for their customers by allowing them to easily browse, reserve, or purchase products online. The user-friendly UI allowed intuitive navigation and pleasant shopping experience for customers. The development team remained focused on a highly usable, searchable, and browseable product catalog with easy social sharing options and clear conversion points.


Responsive web design enables web pages to be compatible with any devices and windows or screen sizes. It also loads fast. The interface we designed works fast. So, no issue of slow and laggy interfaces and consumers do not need to wait for a website to load. The interface also gives some form of feedback. Like, it talks back to users to inform whether or not he or she has pressed that button successfully, or the button displays a ‘pressed’ state to give that feedback.

Improve Overall Experience

We tried to improve the overall experience of visitors and helped the client create a more engaging experience. This became possible by creating a highly searchable, usable, searchable, and browseable product catalog with easy social sharing options. We designed more SEO-centric and socially focused posts in order to drive user engagement and organic searches. To make it more customer-friendly, we added category lists and contact us options.

Artificial intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) has streamlined the process of analyzing customer data so the client can make sure his subscribers receive relevant information. With AI, experts quickly understand what type of content is being consumed, segmentation potions, subscriber health, headline suggestions, and so on.

Result Achieved

Our development team was focused on landing page impressions as this is the place where visitors’ journeys begin. We gave priority to easy navigation, call to action, search bar, category list, easy online payment, and more. The website let the client sell products online easily and consumers to have an excellent shopping experience every time they purchase something from Blue Amber Corporation.

UI is simple, efficient, easy to use, and responsive, which does great jobs for both the seller and the buyer. However, we went that extra mile to make UI attractive too so that it could be truly satisfying. AI technology helps email marketers improve their current strategies by sending relevant information based on the customer’s past behavior.