Austune Commercial

Austune Commercial Pty Ltd is a popular importer of commercial refrigeration and catering equipment in Australia. The company is dedicated to providing environment-friendly Refrigeration, Convection Ovens, Dishwashers, and Catering equipment to Hotels, Restaurants, National Chains and all food manufacturing facilities. After us online, Austune Commercial contacted us for web development and design solutions.


When Austune Commercial approached us, they wanted a more robust, modern, and responsive website that gives visitors complete information about services, highlighting why Austune Commercial is the right company for the commercial and catering equipment solutions. To fulfill these requirements, we processed with a power-packed solution, setting forth to create an online solution that’s not only pleasing to look, but seamlessly cater to the needs of hotels, restaurants, and cafes.


Proposed Solutions

Jivaso makes sure to assign the most experienced and knowledgable PHP developers for the projects undertaken. Our experts leverage the PHP framework and specialized in engineering excellent innovative web solutions. The sheer excellence of our developers lies in their specialty in using all the latest PHP tools, technologies, frameworks, and handling complex, multi-technology, and multi-disciplinary projects.

Modern Design & Development

Understanding the client’s project scope and requirements, we conceptualized the design process with a focus on technical matters such as code, wireframes, and content management. Our team dug into the sitemap, worked on the visual elements, & visual style, curated the idea using wireframe which outlines the skeleton for the design.

Fully Responsive Design

To fulfill the client’s requirements of a responsive website, our developer worked on adding responsive meta tags the HTML document, designed images and embedded video responsive, ensured the client’s typography will be easily readable on mobile devices.

Content Management

Since the client wanted an informative website, we had a bigger picture of the site in mind. Our experts updated content on individual pages, keeping search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. We added ‘About Us’ and ‘Why Choose Us’ right on the home page so that visitors can get to know about Austune Commercial and it’s unique qualities.

Customer Friendly

With Austune Commercial aims at quality support, our developers developed a separate support page with the client’s contact details, highlighting other modes of connection and the requirements they need to have to book service of Austune Commercial. Customers cal also directly call Austune Commercial for more details about the service.

Result Achieved

Austune Commercial website is well-branded, easy to navigate, and fully responsive. While the home page combines the information about the company and factors to encourage customers to this company, the menu bar includes ‘Home’ ‘About Us’ ‘Support’ ‘Contact’ and the client’s services: Austune Refrigeration and Austune Equipment with drop-down options for easy navigation of complete solutions. As visitors take the cursor to the Austune Refrigeration or Austune Equipment, they see the dropdown and visit the relevant page.

From the marketing point of view, Austune Commercial’s website is SEO friendly, having unique content to maintain the authoritative brand voice while still optimizing for marketing and readability. The site is not only user-friendly but industry-centric as well.