About Alpha Romeo Renaissance

Alpha Romeo Renaissance is a renowned car manufacturing company in Thailand. Established in 1910 and the first automobile company to feature a twin spark ignition, today, Alpha Romeo Renaissance leverages its heritage while looking toward the future. It has created several masterpieces and optimal vehicles for those demanding the highest level of performance and utility in equal measure.


A legend in the automobile industry, Alpha Romeo Renaissance wanted us to develop an avant-garde website with a legendary and royal touch. As a leading website development company in Canada, we carefully crafted every detail to optimize performance and accentuate style. We carried out an in-depth analysis of the client’s industry and created development strategies. to work on the client’s project.


Proposed Solutions

Homepage Website Banner

We adopted a comprehensive approach to developing the website, starting from wireframing, coding, testing and deployment. To give a captivating appearance, we designed high-quality images for the website banner. We were focused on building a clear, simple, and straight to the point in the headline messaging. The design respects the clients’ goals and visitors’ needs.

Car Model Display

Alpha Romeo Renaissance manufactures cars, we planned to display the latest model of the car with stunning images, headlines, and impressive content. The homepage displays the series of the car model manufactured by the client which gives visitors several reasons to take a tour of the page. The homepage has been developed in a way to allow visitors to get great exposure to the vehicle on the international level, which can help them boost up their business.

Attractive Videos

Our team knows the importance of elite-class videos on the website. That’s why they uploaded a powerful video of the car model on the homepage. This was done with an aim to quickly deliver the client’s message, engage the website visitors, drive traffic to the website, give the brand a personality, strengthen the bond with visitors, increase reach and stand out from the competition.

Blog & Newsletter

Blog and newsletters are the two most important elements of an automotive website. We added these two features to boost search Engine Optimization, Develop Relationships with Potential and Existing Customers, Establish Business as an Industry Leader, Connect People to Your Brand, Provide Value for Your Readers, Generate Leads.

Result Achieved

A highly interactive and user-friendly UI of the website helps to interact with the customer. The website is compatible with every latest browser and operating system. The use of videos keeps people on the website longer and engages them with the client’s content. Videos help visitors get to know, like, and trust you, they feel interested. Moreover, the blogs and newsletters help clients in creating relations of trust with the audience, improve the reputation of the client’s brand, stabilize marketing endeavors, showcase expertise, increase website traffic, and referrals.