About Ace Liquor

ACE Liquor is a renowned liquor company in Canada. It has in its stock a wide range of craft beers from Canada and around the world. It also has a pretty good range of wines and is committed to improving its selection to meet the customers’ needs. We worked with ACE Liquor to enhance its branding and earn a reputable name in the industry. The client partnered with us, especially for flyers and branding solutions and we were able to meet what the client had expected from us.


The client wanted to do branding for its business, which was not possible overnight. Branding is not just about giving an attractive name or an attractive logo or slogan. What the client was expecting from us was to bring in place the best branding strategies and implement them for optimum results. It was a big challenge as the client wanted everything to be done as soon as possible. However, at Jivaso, we managed to do the best for ACE Liquor and it gave potential results.


Proposed Solutions

Jivaso makes sure to assign the most experienced and knowledgable PHP developers for the projects undertaken. Our experts leverage the PHP framework and specialized in engineering excellent innovative web solutions. The sheer excellence of our developers lies in their specialty in using all the latest PHP tools, technologies, frameworks, and handling complex, multi-technology, and multi-disciplinary projects.
We were very much aware that the print quality and finish quality of the flyers depend on the flyer design. So, we designed flyers that could have a quality print and would create some buzz around. Besides, our designers and writers made sure that the flyers contained all the information that everyone needed. This made it easy for the client to send a complete message to the customers about its brand.
For optimum branding solutions, we focused on how people could see the client’s business, building online platforms, weaving the client’s brand into everything we do, remaining consistent. Our focus also laid on flyers as these were great ways to advertise the client’s business and reach the targeted audience. We took into consideration creating flyers for the client. For this, our team identified the target audience of the client, tried to create flyers that could stand the business apart, gain the attention of the audience, and highlight the client’s message.

Result Achieved

Due to the reduced costs compared with the other forms of advertising, using the flyers seemed to be the most effective way for us to promote the client’s brand and get a good return. Since we added some attractive elements such as truthfulness, efficiency, fun, and product qualities, it encouraged the audience to take action. For instance, we mixed some personal information on the flyers accompanied by promotional messages that gave better results to the client. It prompted people to talk about the client’s products. Thus, ACE Liquor’s products spread by word of mouth.