Keyword Stuffing in Google My Business- Things You Must Know

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Many small and medium-sized businesses are rebranding without considering Google’s guidelines regarding GMB. But when every business does this, it becomes a branding nightmare. In the context of the Google My Business (GMB) world, keyword stuffing or ‘adding description’ has always been a hot topic for a long time. 

Keyword Stuffing on GMB

Keyword stuffing to your GMB name is generally required when you add a description. However, words used in descriptions include certain keywords that are not part of the real name of your business. It is a common practice these days when it comes to Local SEO. Businesses are adopting this method to give their website ‘ranking benefits’ on Google Maps.


Assume that the ‘Real Name’ of your company is “ABC Handyman Service.” 

Then most commonly, the GMB listing name depending on the keywords will be:

ABC Handyman Service – Handyman, Handyman Service, Home Remodeling, House Painting, Interior and Exterior Painting, Handyman Repair, Home Handyman in Toronto.

Other details like –

Address -4567 N Rd #7645, Toronto, ON L7L 6A3

HoursOpen-Closes 6 PM

Phone -+1 647 200 3318

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It is a known fact beyond the seed of any doubt that when keywords are added to a business name, it carries a powerful impact on ranking – directly and dramatically. 

Find below an example of the ranking impact. 

We all have learned that Search Engine like Google historically and presently takes steps on GMB profiles that add “unreasonable” or “unnecessary” descriptions that do not match the business’ real-world name.

Search Engine Land has reported 50 examples of keyword stuffing and Google has taken action on  40% of them. The search engine gave some businesses a soft suspension and a hard suspension. 

Image source: Searchengineland

Impact of Keyword Stuffing in Real World 

Many business verticals in Canada have been experiencing a local SEO phenomenon for the last few years. For example, companies are stuffing keywords in their GMB name to achieve ranks without the negative impact of Google.

Please note that Google has nothing to with the GMB name provided that it has an absolute match with your website logo and in-store signage. 

One of the problems with this tactic is that it can cause some branding issues. 

Check out the result for “Tree Services in Toronto.” How will you become remarkable and stand out in your customer’s mind when every business has a similar name. 

You need to have a unique and easy-to-remember name of your business. It should be different and should sound unique.

Apply These 10 Techniques to Improve Local Marketing Strategy

Answer this question. Which of the two categories will you select to name your business?

  1. Category – Higher Ranking Name
  2. Category – Memorable Business Name

Have you selected higher rankings over a memorable business name? Consider the below point

  • If the whole market updates descriptions to their name, the ranking power that the keywords provide will diminish

This has happened and still happens in several markets. 

If the big G doesn’t impose a penalty against the rule-breakers, it’s time you can consider adding keywords to your GMB name as well. But again, you will be doing it against Google’s guidelines. And you will find no rule that guarantees your business will be spared. However, this difference may cause a drop in rankings and profits. 

Why You Should Care

Keyword stuffing has been a prime ranking factor for over a decade. According to experts, if this was something that Google was going to fix, we would have had a solution by now. 

Colan Nielsen, Guest Author at Search Engine Land, states that part of the Challenge for Google is that they do not understand why this is an issue. Google does not give priority to “Unnecessary Descriptors” because their presence puts no harm to users. Though it might manipulate the search results, this does not appear to be something the search engine is concerned about.

It is important for businesses to add keywords to their name and consider both, positive and negative aspects 

Rebranding to get keywords into your GMB name will allow you to experience a ranking boost. But, your competitors can still get your business name even if you do not have the proper rebranding proceeds, you can face branding issues. The ranking benefits will vanish once everyone in your market adds keywords to their name. The best is to hire a reputed digital marketing agency and seek their help in setting out local SEO strategies for your business.

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