How Emerging Tech May Influence Our Lives After Covid-19

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COVID-19 is one of the biggest health pandemics of this decade, no doubt that has hit the planet. While social distancing has become one of the most wanted conditions for healthy living, integration and coordination for socialization is still important for moving ahead and staying connected. In this complicated situation, digital communication is the only way to commute and the world is moving toward it.

The problem of COVID-19 is its continuance. We can’t predict that even after the crisis period of this health pandemic, the virus will go away. Rather we can expect that it will persist and our lifestyle will get completely modified with the support of emerging technologies. 

Remote communication, contactless integration, and artificial intelligence are the most potential technologies that are the perfect solutions of today and tomorrow’s world. Some of the emerging technologies that can adapt to the pandemic challenges are outlined here.

Healthcare solutions 

Remote health monitoring, autonomous disinfection, virtual doctor visit, online patient engagement tools, and remote diagnostic solution are some of the artificial intelligence-related technologies that can face the challenge of this pandemic, during the crisis and after the crisis gets over. These artificial intelligence integrated technologies will help people to visit less in health care centers. 

Medical supplies by drones are becoming popular. The popularity of drone delivery will surely go up as it is a contactless delivery process even for the remote locations. 

The expected adaption to touch-free life

After pandemic city-life will go through a massive change. According to market analytics, Image and video analytics will render a critical role in urban life management. The Geo fencing technique has gained huge popularity already. Besides, interactive maps, self-checkout facilities, and cashier-less outlets will take place instead of today’s crowded malls. Some of the most popular technologies will be:

  • Smart Surveillance
  • Availability of virtual Civic Services
  • The facility of Indoor Farming
  • Autonomous Stores
  • Prefabricated & Modular Construction
  • Sickness mapping technologies

Expected adaptation of human individuals

We can impartially expect that people after pandemic will use smartphone-based apps for regular contact with their relatives and closed ones. Schools and colleges will keep on their online classes and education programs instead of arranging seminars and exhibitions. Students and teachers will get to use more Innovative online streaming tools to connect and collaborate. 

Social distancing and social isolation will be part of life, accordingly, technology will help us to bridge the gap digitally. The most probable solutions to face the challenge are, 

  • Shared streaming & entertainment
  • Remote working mode
  • Professional support for management of stress, isolation, and loneliness
  • The facility of online Learning
  • A regular habit of  availing online food & grocery delivery
  • The habit of doing indoor workouts instead of going to the gym

These are some of the ways probably the world can adjust and balance the need for social distancing. Humans are social and socialization can only keep the vibes of togetherness alive. But now, for the sake of well-being, we have to stay at distance and instead of physical closeness, digital closeness will bridge the gap of social distance. 

Regardless if you are an entrepreneur or an individual, it’s time to know about artificial intelligence. Emerging technologies, the power of artificial intelligence, and accuracy of machine learning can help us to stay connected no matter wherever we are located in this world.

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