Hire Virtual SEO Experts and Save on Business Costs During Coronavirus Pandemic

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hire local seo expertCoronavirus has changed the way we are doing business. Many companies, small or big, across the globe have instituted ‘Work From Home’ policies during the pandemic. However, this abrupt change can isolate your employees and maybe jarring those who are accustomed to coming to office every day. 

Given that, many SMEs engaged in digital marketing services are willing to hire SEO experts who can remotely support their businesses during COVID-19 Pandemic.

Let’s discover how hiring a remote employee during Coronavirus is an optimum way to grow your business and save costs leveraging digital channels. 

Hiring Virtual SEO Experts

When searching for SEO professionals, opt for performance-based local SEO specialists. A company like Jivaso (not a recruitment firm or traditional marketing company) can help you hire SEO professionals for remote work and pay as you go with. 

Below are key benefits of hiring virtual employees for your business

Flexible Engagement Models -When you opt for digital employees, check whether the company wherein you are hiring employees has any engagement model. Look for flexible engagement models and recruit experts to meet your needs. Flexible Engagement Models mean you can hire SEO professionals on an hourly, part-time or full-time basis.

Pay As You Go  Model – Opt for a pay-as-you-go model with us. It will give you the ability to pay for employees with different expertise you have hired. Jivaso offers a Pay-as-you-go model with no hidden charges and a set-up fee. 

On-Demand SEO Expert for Hire – What if you need a team of specialists with expertise and skills in different fields? What if you can’t afford to pay a salary to more employees? This is where On-Demand Resources come in handy. Let’s share an example to better understand the benefits of on-demand resources.

You can hire dedicated SEO professionals who will work as your in-house staff.  

hire dedicated seo expert

Say, for example, you need to hire the following resources in June:

  • A Full-Stack Developer for 60 hours
  • SEO experts for 50 hours
  • Email Marketers for 50 hours 

In July, you need to hire:

  • A Graphic Designer for 60 hours
  • Social Media Professional for 50 hours
  • Content Writer for 50 hours

In such a situation, Jivaso will work with you on your specific requirements and help you with a custom plan. We will help manage the tasks of a Graphic Designer, Social Media Professional and Content Writer next month within the amount allocated for Developers, SEO Experts and Email Marketers in the first month. We do this by allocating hours for resources as per your needs and budget. 

For instance, if you pay CAD$4500 monthly for 160 hours a month, then, you can get up to 3 resources within this period of 160 hours. More importantly, you will have an option to choose any 3 resources for the second month. 

What else? If you can’t consume all allocated hours in the first month, you can carry forward it to the next month. This offering will save you big on Employee Compensation and Recruitment Costs. 

What keeps performance-based digital employees productive is the option for productivity management. At Jivaso, we are committed to submitting daily timesheets and activity lists that contain tracked URLs and screenshots.

Precisely speaking, you will be unable to track the productivity of an office employee at this micro-level. But with virtual staff, you can see in real-time what projects your digital SEO professionals are working on. You can call, talk or video chat with the project manager. 

Bottom Line

Hiring performance-based SEO experts or other professionals for your business is not different from a typical office employee. It significantly reduces the cost, stress, and hassle of employee management. Also, when you hire a virtual employee, you no need to worry about staff retention, training and longevity of the role and contract costs. 

In a nutshell, remote employees during COVID-19 are beneficial to continue to expand your business and get results, even when many companies are struggling.

Get in touch with us to enjoy a free trial and choose highly experienced and talented SEO experts to deliver results. As a community support initiative to help local businesses during pandemics, we provide you with a free audit of your web properties and online process. Book a free consultation.

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