Expert Ideas to Design a Stunning Background for Your Business

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Background design is important. No doubt. But, starting with an empty page can be confronting. 

Professional social posts, presentation slides, banner designs, email headers are important elements of business promotions.

They must adhere to a set of basic design principles. 

Do you know the background of successful documents or banner designs impacts your entire design? It can change the design and make your graphics feel complete.

Knowing these principles can create designs that are successful, and can help you when you hit a creative wall.

Backgrounds are the cornerstone of great design, because –

  • They are the foundation of a successful composition.
  • Their colors and textures create depth and contrast, making your graphics appealing and get noticed.
  • Well-composed backgrounds create space to overlay text.
  • Backgrounds give your design more context, allowing supporting visual elements.

To enhance brand awareness and show your identity to audiences, using colors as overlays is advisable. While images don’t need to be used with graphic elements — they create excellent backgrounds when placed correctly.

Explore the tips below to create beautiful background designs.

Basics of Background Design 

Remember, because the background of your design is unobtrusive does not mean you can leave it bland or boring. A good background has the potential to support, surround and emphasize the information you want to present.

  • A good background sets the stage of your entire composition
  • An effective background adds to the story, provides valuable information about your setting
  • A well-designed background dramatically enhances your photo
  • It surrounds, supports, and emphasizes the information you wish to present
  • Also, background can highlight your subject as well as give you room to experiment with mood, tone, and your own creative style
  • Further, a good background design has the potential to provide canvas for the rest of the work. 
  • It highlights key information, sets the mood of people, and helps the color palette really pop.

Two Types of Website Backgrounds

  • Body Background – It is the area that covers most of the screen and is made up of textures, illustrations, color gradients or a full image. Oftentimes, you can keep it plain white.
  • Content Background – The content background doesn’t confine the entire screen, but surrounds the area around other sections, such as text or an image. It gives structure and separates different website sections.

Science of Color

Colors possess an impactful psychological aspect. So, it is considered the most potent design element. Cool, warm, and neutral colors all have unique characteristics that you should know. 

Some of these colors affect your audience’s moods.

  • Warm colors like red are uplifting, vibrant, stimulating and energizing. Using these colors draws people’s eye towards key design elements, such as a brand’s name. When used as a background, the positive, vigorous and energetic feelings surface the entire design. It is advisable to use rich, vibrant colors as they make the best background design.
  • Cool colors include shades of purple, blue, and green. These colors have relaxing, soothing and calm associations. 
  • Dark blues in specific have the ingredient to suggest dignity and formality. Some shades can even do double-duty as a neutral shade.
  • Neutrals include beige, white, black, taupe and some browns. They are associated with a simple, clean, and even refreshing feeling. Use these colors to add light, warmth, or gravity to other colors.

In general, when you hire a graphic designer, you will happen to see that expert designers choose a background that is a solid or slightly gradient color with an illustration, a subtle pattern, or a bold pattern. 

  • If selecting a pattern, choose a background with 2 – 4 dominant colors. 
  • Patterned backgrounds with too many colors look cluttered and distracting. 
  • A blank white background can also be used. However, ensure there’s a reason for it. White can be boring.

A good graphic designer can help you by designing an enormous library of images. They help you with many photos and illustrations that would make a background ideal for different design projects. Also, graphic designers can provide you with different background options and let you see how they impact the rest of the design.

Want to See How Patterns, Colors, Shapes, Transform The Overall Background Design?

Join hands with top graphic designers and create stunning backgrounds

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