Authority Links and Outbound Links – Why You Should Use Them?

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Internet is flooded with myriad links. Authority Links and Outbound Links are two important links.

The question is ‘Are these two links important for SEO rankings?’

Let me answer this question by uncovering “Authority Link” and “Outbound link” in detail.

What Is Authority Link?

Authority links are a type of link, which is procured from highly authoritative websites i.e. the websites that have a sizable level of trust and authority with search engines as a result of their age, quality, and size. 

Authority is a somewhat subjective concept. But what are those elements that contribute to an authority site?

No search engine, including Google, provides any guidelines or public relevance to make a website authoritative.  

Let me help you understand Authority Links in a better way:

Pretend that you are at a party and someone is talking about you. If the person who is talking about you is of high dignity, his talks will reflect well on you. In contrast, if he is vague, you would not like to associate with him. 

In the web world, high authority links are like reputable persons. By connecting with you, they tell everyone that they trust you and respect what you say or do.

Authority sites are the market-leading sites. They could be educational websites, government institutions, and large corporations. Links from such websites bring excellent ranking power to a website. 

Why should you use authority links?

Authority links have critical roles to play when it comes to link building. 

  • The degree of authority of a site affects the relative value of the links you obtain
  • High authority backlinks improve the Domain Authority (DA) of your site 
  • Authority links build trust and credibility in the market 
  • They are good for Search Engine Rankings

What is an Outbound Link?

An outbound link is a link from your site to another website. It is also called an external link. It is an outbound link for you, but an inbound link for others. 

  • Why would another website like to give you a backlink?
  • What is in these links for them?
  • Do you give out links to other websites?

The answer is very simple.

Outbound links carry a positive impact on a website’s ranking. This is why many webmasters add it to their digital marketing strategy. Outbound links direct away from your website and send traffic externally to another.

As a digital marketing agency, you can add external links as references for facts, statistics, and studies to add more credibility to your content. You can also add external links in case you have taken quotes or images from another website and need to give credit. 

There are two types of outbound links:

Dofollow Links – Any link if added to a website is a ‘Dofollow link’ by default. Depending on your preference, you can manually make it ‘Nofollow’. Goggle follows dofollow links when crawling any site. Through these channels, ranking power is transferred. If you want to give credit to a website, then you should use a dofollow link.

Nofollow links – Nofollow links tell Google not to follow these links. This means that these links do not pass on links to the target web page. These links are coded with a ‘rel=nofollow’ tag. It is therefore important to add nofollow tags to links added by your readers as they can direct search engine crawlers to spam sites. 

In this case, the search engines will consider you less credible and impact your trust factor. Also, if you add nofollow links to some specific links, it will let you set priority for the crawler to crawl your page. The search engine will visit the pages that you would like it to crawl. 

Why should you use an outbound link?

Adding outbound links to relevant websites brings a positive effect on SEO, but only if you do it rightly. Below are multiple benefits of adding external links to your content.

  • Value for readers – If your external links direct readers to other relevant resources, it will lead to improving more value to them. This means that they may like to revisit your website. So, your website needs to provide them with value and make it more interesting and easier in some way.  So, your customers will at least consider your site to be very positive and relevant. 
  • Backlinks generator – Linking your site regularly to trustworthy websites increases trust and credibility. Therefore, when you create valuable content for your readers, these quality websites will be more likely to link back to your website. Remember that if you have valuable industry resources and statistics on your website, it will be easier to get backlinks. Make sure your site has something that is worth linking to. This could be an exhaustive or authoritative study or a highly interactive or engaging resource.
  • Increase relevance – Search engines collect a wealth of information from every facet of your website. The information may be related to the website you link and how you link. Therefore, if you add links to famous sources, it will enhance the relevance of your own content. 

It allows search engines to understand which industry you are in, depending on the kind of sources you link to. Thus, this leads to increasing your content’s relevance within the industry. 

  • Enhances credibility –If you link sites with high Domain Authority (DA) within your niche, it will increase your credibility and reputation for readers and search engines. Linking to a high-DA website enhances your reputation, increasing search engine rankings – no matter it is just via outbound links. 

A study conducted by Robots has revealed that linking to high-authority sites carries a positive correlation with improvement in search rankings. In general, outbound links are used for linking to sources or relevant statics and facts. Adding these details lends credibility and proves that your content is up to date and accurate. 

Bottom Line

Building high authority backlinks is always best for improving your page rank. But you can only achieve this by having good quality content to link to. It is therefore important to craft quality, unique content that contributes to your field and builds your online reputation and trust.

To learn how to get high authority links and add outbound links, hire our SEO professionals who will love to help you with your quality backlinks strategies. 

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