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Blockchain Development Services and Solutions

Empower your business, digitize your transaction workflow, drive transformation into the future – everything with our cutting-edge blockchain technology in Canada. Jivaso empowers your journey of more secure, tamper-proof, and advanced business technologies by providing custom blockchain development and best-class implementation solutions from every aspect of the blockchain ecosystem.

Blockchain Services & Solutions to Transform Your Business

Jivaso is committed to providing custom blockchain services and enterprise-class implementation solutions for blockchain platforms, protocols, and permissioned ledgers, which include Corda, Ripple, Hyperledger, Lisk, Bitcoin, and the Ethereum Virtual Machine. We cover a wide array of Blockchain development services, including Blockchain Development, Blockchain Smart Contract, Cryptocurrency Development, ICO Development, and Decentralized Applications. With our blockchain technology solutions for frictionless businesses, you can apply the blockchain technology to drive transformation into the future.

Trusted among the best blockchain companies in Canada, we develop distributed ledger technology, such as individual nodes, custom cryptocurrencies, hash algorithms, and architectures for private and public blockchains. Our team advances decentralized web technology using blockchain as a service (BaaS) tools from Microsoft Azure, IBM, Oracle, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). The consensus protocols comprise Stake and Concept models, Proof of Work, which lead to eliminating double-spending errors.

Blockchain Development Solutions for Diverse Industries

Find the qualified talent you need from a blockchain development company like Jivaso in Canada. We excel in creating and implementing blockchain development solutions for businesses to solve complex problems, reduce risks, and enhance operational excellence. For example, the development of blockchain mining software is designed to improve general ledger security and accelerate transaction verifications, blockchain development services such as cryptocurrency payment integrations are developed for the banking and financial institutions alike, which allow them to release payments upon delivery, settle securities transactions, finance international trade, and transfer syndicated loans.

Likewise, state-of-the-art mobile banking software is developed to provide high performance, security, and user-friendly design for customers and financial institutions. At Jivaso, we also design miner performance dashboards, create decentralized networks, and offer comprehensive architecture solutions for mining firms are also our services. Take leverage of Jivaso’s blockchain experts who have hands-on experience in developing blockchain applications. We design custom software for businesses of any size. Our service includes:

  • RSupply chain development
  • RBlockchain POC development
  • RBlockchain IOT development
  • RBlockchain game development
  • RBlockchain consulting services
  • RPrivate blockchain development
  • RHyperledger blockchain development

Blockchain Smart Contract to Ensure Data Integrity

Jivaso develops smart contracts for blockchains and delivers decentralized web solutions for the supply chain, eCommerce, real estate, finance, gaming industries, and others. Our blockchain contract development solutions also include developing smart contract audit technologies to ensure data integrity and performance within your organization. Further, our developers develop secure and proficient smart contract codes to automate the execution of processes.

The Smart Contract code programmed by us operates within a connected environment where all enterprise personnel are at one place to ensure real-time monitoring of transactions. Our smart contract solutions are helpful in generating letters of credit for international transactions, validating insurance eligibility, creating Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO), registering loan requests, and intellectual property, etc. Our programs are equipped with blockchain technology in Canada and can be utilized for execution in a distributed environment for enforceability. They can support blind auctions, crowdfunding, multi-signature wallets, and more.

Cryptocurrency Development That Suits Your Business

One of the renowned names among blockchain companies in Canada, Jivaso delivers secure Cryptocurrency Development Services, customized for your business operations and transactions. Our turn-key solutions empower you with custom cryptocurrency that can be utilized for cryptocurrency-based projects. The range of blockchain development services of Jivaso comprises Cryptocurrency Application Development, Cryptocurrency Exchange Development, Cryptocurrency Wallet Development, Bitcoin Software Development for mobile devices, desktops or browsers apps. Jivaso’s Cryptocurrency Development solutions allow auto-generating public and private keys, trading multiple cryptocurrencies, blockchain tokens, online purchases, and examining the hypermedia and data history of any block.

The cryptocurrency exchange apps feature payment integration and faster & secure crypto exchange. The bitcoin software is featured to transform your mobiles into a dedicated wallet, so you can make transactions using different communication channels. Our robust cryptocurrency wallet development services for mobiles and web are customizable as per the individual demand of the clients.

Unbeatable reputation in the field of blockchain development services in Canada, Jivaso can assist you through the entire phases of cryptocurrency development, starting from initial software consultation, creation of Proofs-of-Concept, pilot development to crypto-coin development. Some of the platforms that we develop cryptocurrency solutions are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Nxt, Peercoin, Dash, Monero, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, NEM and Zcash

  • RAltcoin Development
  • RCustom Altcoin Creation
  • RCrypto Wallet Development
  • RStable coin development
  • RCrypto Payment Gateway
  • RSTO Development services
  • RERC20 Token development
  • RCrypto Coin Integration

Industry-Centric ICO Development to Launch Your Cryptocurrency

ICO stands for ‘Initial Coin Offerings’ is the fundraising mechanism for a new project developer or startup business. It is often used for raising funds for developing a new Crypto token by releasing ICO tokens to the public. At Jivaso, we provide unmatched ICO solutions to a larger set of businesses regardless of their size and nature.

Well-versed in ICO development, we help companies to launch their own cryptocurrency and offer several ICO platforms custom made to suit every individual requirement. Our offerings include coin creation, roadmap generating, white paper creation, token distribution, trading, staking, lending, affiliate page design, and development of projects as required.

A complete blockchain software development company in Canada, we support crowdfunding projects with every service they need. Ranging from developing user wallet, user dashboard, smart contract, payment gateway, wallet transaction, admin panel to coin transaction history, we’re a one-stop solution when it comes to ICO development support in Canada. We cover the following in ICO development service:

  • RICO funding dashboard
  • RBounty management
  • RCoin price pump
  • RCoin or token creation
  • RCoin drop & listing services
  • RBlockchain integration
  • RLight paper, whitepaper
  • RPresentation and landing page

Decentralized Applications for Cutting-edge Solutions

Get extraordinary and tamperproof decentralized applications (dApps) as per your requirements. Jivaso designs decentralized applications that store everything on a decentralized blockchain or any cryptographic technology. The applications are well-protected from perils of centralized authority and emphasized on autonomous nature. At Jivaso, we’re capable of developing decentralized applications using Blockchains like HyperLedger Fabric and Multichain for the manufacturing sector, healthcare sector, pharma supply chain industry, other sectors like finance, retail, product exchange, etc.

Our decentralized applications for the healthcare industry allow users to share their medical records with hospitals and other users without revealing their identities. The app ensures 100% authenticity of health records by storing it on the blockchain. Our dApp for the pharma supply chain platform is developed on blockchain for international aid distribution. The decentralized app allows users to completely trace the distribution of drugs from the warehouse through the last mile. The decentralized apps are developed on blockchain for product exchange that enables users to get in touch with various renters and exchange products.

Our team identifies the possible stakeholders, defines technical components, and suggests the right decentralized applications on blockchain as per the client’s requirements. With our strict and secure algorithms, the apps designed by us allow decentralized validation and open-source development. The development team at Jivaso can help businesses stay on the competitive edge in the decentralized applications world. We develop tamperproof apps that prevent even the risk of the central point of failure. Decentralized apps are developed in the following frameworks:

  • REthereum
  • RHyperledger
  • REOS
  • RCorda
  • RStellar
  • RHasgraph

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a type of technology, which helps transfer and track assets, record payments in smart contracts, memorialize interactions in a trusted, secure and transparent system. It builds trust as compared to the traditional way of saving data and applications. Particularly, blockchain technology is a way to exchange value without

Blockchain provides enhanced trust as compared to traditional databases and applications, particularly as a way to exchange value without any third-party intervention. Bitcoin Network is the first cryptocurrency implemented on the blockchain platforms successfully.

How to know whether or not my company should use a cryptocurrency?

As an organisation, you should only decide to acquire cryptocurrencies if you think that it will create values for your business. You should plan for maintaining a cryptocurrency if you have a need that justifies that effect required and the controls to accurately manage and report the digital assets. Most importantly, you must be aware of the laws, regulations, guidelines, accounting rules of the land.

How much profits will I gain by selling my crypto?

The profit margin of selling crypto differs from one market to another. Also, it solely depends on many other factors, including the volume of trades, underlying assets, the demand-supply, the utility value and other economic factors.

Where should I start with blockchain?

As a reputable blockchain company in Canada, we would suggest you weigh a variety of facts when planning your approach to blockchain technology. First, consider your long-term interest. If you tend to implement blockchain technology for general interests, it is good to collaborate with planform providers or vendors that have already developed solutions for related industries, services, products or business models.

On the flip side, if blockchain development service is consistent with your long-term strategy, then you should choose to develop custom applications for supporting functions like contract administration, intercompany transfers, human resource complaint adjudication, supply chain management.

What are a few use cases of blockchain?

With our expertise in blockchain technology, we believe that blockchain is very much useful whenever separate parties looking out for a solution to build up reliable transactions. Blockchain platforms enable them to record transactions securely. Some use cases for blockchain technology include:

  • Intercompany transfers
  • Contracts & Regulatory compliance
  • Chain of custody for court evidence
  • Support in the financial services industry
  • Asset management
  • Supply chain management 
  • Digital identity management
  • Asset tokenization and transactions (security) 

How much time will Jivaso take to complete my cryptocurrency development project?

The time taken by Jivaso experts for completing cryptocurrency project depends on the number of features you want to add to your cryptocurrency project. Jivaso offers a customizable approach. For developing a basic platform, we take generally 1 week to 4 weeks of time.

Is blockchain different from cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin? If yes, how?

Yes, blockchain is different from cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are like applications that run on the blockchain operating system to use an analogy. Technically speaking, a cryptocurrency is a kind of asset that one acquires digitally. It is a non-physical attribute. It is recorded and created on blockchain platforms.

What type of blockchain service will I get from Jivaso?

Jivaso is a trusted name when it comes to blockchain companies in Canada. We provide a wide range of solutions for blockchain platforms, ranging from
Blockchain Development, Smart Contracts, Cryptocurrency Development, ICO Development to Decentralized Applications. We also have expertise in Supply chain development, POC development, IOT development, game development, consulting services, private blockchain development, and hyper ledger blockchain development.

Why should I choose Jivaso for blockchain technology?

Jivaso is a trusted name when it comes to blockchain companies in Canada. We provide a wide range of solutions for blockchain platforms, ranging from
Jivaso is always committed to ensuring a client-centric approach. That means we provide custom solutions for the individual needs of every client. In addition, we develop industry-leading blockchain platforms combined with a strong focus on security features.

  • We use the best security feature sets
  • Out team with technical expertise include engineers with real-world experience
  • We are available 24/7 to serve clients and quality support
    Our blockchain solutions are customized to cater to the needs of each client
  • We ensure transparency and have no hidden costs on clients

What frameworks do Jivaso’s developers use in Decentralized Applications Development?

Jivaso’s developers are well-versed with a range of frameworks when it comes to decentralized applications development. The frameworks include Ethereum, Hyperledger, EOS, Corda, Stellar and Has Graph.

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