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An adaptive banking & finance software solution for financial institutions, money lenders, loan/mortgage brokers to increase their agility, operational efficiency, and cost leadership. Jivaso develops software tailored for accounting, payment gateways, insurance, blockchain wallets, financial planning, and taxes.

Our Solutions

We build industry standard and personalized banking and finance solutions with agile software that streamlines daily processes, including payment and invoice processing, record maintenance, accounting automation, and audit archiving.
Mobile & Cloud-based Solutions

We help you with the best in class digital banking & finance solutions and give your customers the ability to manage their finances, check transaction history, analyze budgets, track expenses, access real-time reports, have money management chatbots, and get real-time alerts & notifications. Our solutions also allow to have customized personal dashboards to monitor personal financial management & account management.

Core Banking Solutions

Our banking software solutions can fully automate the most common transactions of all banks. They are 100% secure and meet government & industry compliance. Our developers use highly secure and easy-to-use mobile API components that integrate across several channels like online, mobile, ATM, and SMS banking. Besides, a unified platform helps manage the entire loan life-cycle starting from loan origination.

Payments & Billing Solutions

At Jivaso, we innovate the way you process invoices, record, and manage accounts payable data from vendors. We enable consumers to view and pay their bills with ease. Our professionals develop interactive, intelligent, and intuitive solutions to establish a fully-automated invoicing process & taxation and discounts based on the location of services delivered.

Risk & Investment Solutions

Jivaso’s developers are fully dedicated to developing risk and investment programming software solutions for evaluating market behavior, probabilities, and various other factors related to costs. Our risk management tools are designed to support individual portfolios and big enterprises, as well as providing services customized for venture capitalists.

Financial Planning Solutions

We implement custom financial planning software solutions that are engineered to arrange for funds allocation, analyzing profit margin, ROE, inventory report, and allowing seamless ERP systems with high performance, extra layer security, and user-friendly financial dashboard platform, not just for customers but financial institutions alike. Get it for dynamic algorithms, financial reporting, customer dashboard, etc.

Insurance Solutions

One-stop insurance solutions that feature PMS (Policy Management System) automation, age-wide administration, enterprise risk management, peer-to-peer insurance. Jivaso develops AI-powered insurance software that allows assess risks, and calculate estimated premiums. We also develop claim management software for data collection, authentication, and submission. Mobile insurance apps are useful for self-service.

Blockchain Banking Solutions

We empower all types of banks for building a next-generation decentralized digital economy with the help of blockchain technology. Our range of solutions includes cryptocurrency wallet apps development, distributed application development (DAPP), corporate banking and banking apps, enterprise-grade blockchain application, payment gateway, and POS apps, and more. We develop web and mobile development services that are secure and agile.

Fraud Detection Solutions

At Jivaso, we create a fraud detection solution program and modernize banks, financial institutions, and loan lenders to fight against financial crime. With our smart and innovative software program, financial institutions and banks can reduce losses by detecting any possible crime and putting in place proactive monitoring to address new criminal topologies. By implementing cutting-edge fraud detection systems, you can safeguard revenue and resources.

Our Speciality

Why Choose Jivaso for Banking & Finance Software Development

Jivaso is a one-stop platform for Banking & Finance software development solutions. Supported by experienced software developers, we create customer custom dispensary POS systems, provide medical marijuana patient management solutions, design inventory and seed-to-sale tracking software, deliver e-commerce solutions, and develop mobile purchase and scheduling apps. With our comprehensive approach, you’re able to meet every aspect of agriculture & life sciences requirements.
Reliable Solutions

Jivaso delivers complete and reliable banking and finance software development solutions.

Subject Matter Experts

We provide you with reliable API, data integration, data-intensive and robust microservices to improve experience.

Deep Tech Expertise

Our app developers use technologies such as HTML, PHP, DHTML, VB, JSP, ASP, and backends like MS Access, MS SQL, and MySQL.

Timely Delivery

Jivaso is available anytime with the service for its respective clients by ensuring an on-demand service provider.

New Technology Integration

We specialize in integrating new technology with traditional methods to address all aspects of the agriculture and life science industry.

Free Updates

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