Agriculture & Life Sciences Software Development

Jivaso’s comprehensive agriculture & life science software helps farmers gain complete control over their crops, land, equipment, and life sciences companies have innovative ways to reduce time to market, accelerate research, discover drugs, and optimize commercial operations to drive top-line growth.

Our Solutions

Jivaso endeavors to offer technological solutions for farmers, growers, agriculture equipment manufacturers, product wholesalers to mitigate problems in the Agriculture and Life Sciences industry.
Farm Management Solutions

We cater to provide farmers, growers, and agriculture equipment dealers/distributors/suppliers with industry-standard farm management solutions for managing and automating crops, irrigation, customer relations, food safety, pricing, accounting, inventors, contracts, and as on. By providing them with solutions, we enable them to improve decision-making, optimize operations, and maximize farm productivity and profits.

Scalable Learning Solutions

Jivaso codes potent student management, finance management, and Institute management software. Our web-based LMS (learning management systems) comes with native mobile apps that create unified user experiences across Android & iOS. We interface blended learning apps with features for social learning, multimedia, messaging, web, and video, recording, discussion boards, more. Our LMS also comes with themes, modules, course formats, enrollment to extend it.

Admission Automation Solutions

Our developers have expertise in retail management across scheduling, inventory, facility management, and employee onboarding. We develop POS systems that can help cannabis companies, such as self-service kiosks for cannabis of any type, barcode integration, and RBAC security features. Our apps also enable cannabis customers to search for a proper dispensary.

Data Management Solutions

One of the best e-Learning companies in Toronto, Jivaso creates institute management software that features departments with unique IDs (to manage department level hierarchy), programs with unique IDs (to create & manage batch-level sections), courses with uniques IDs (( to configure course-type: regular, lab, etc. and map eligible faculty for teaching) and curriculum to create Elective Clusters for student selection in relevant terms and manage specialization.

Fees Management Solutions

Our educational app developers let you go live with fees at program batch level, activate and deactivate fees collection, add the last date of payment for penalty initiation, add a record of an offline payment (cheque, DD, NEFT, etc.), download customized reports, create new scholarships. Our tool also helps you track fee collection, reconcile data, apply scholarship or discount at students’ level, view due amount, or excess payment.

Academics Term Management

With Jivaso’s custom eLearning development, creating academics terms like summer schools and mapping them to relevant program baches is easy. You can also create a flexible time-table or recurring time-table for a section-based system, view it at section, faculty or course level, get updates about any faculty, student, time-slot, or room level conflicts.

Attendance & Internal Assessment Solutions

Jivaso’s higher education software solutions help manage attendance & do an internal assessment – capture attendance without the internet. Access real-time status of attendance to know statuses such as on-duty leave or sick leave. Besides, create assessments with minimum and maximum marks. Auto-fetch scores of assignments, select assessments, and allocate weightage to create components. Also, download reports for submission to the examination department.

Event Management Solutions

Our college/institute management software empowers you to organize events like poetry challenge, photography challenge, etc. with all relevant details. Select it with people, discover events in one place, and register with a click. You can also manage attendance and participants, download event reports for compliance. Jivaso also enables you to share news, events, the achievement of students, faculty members t motivate them.

Why Choose Jivaso

Jivaso is a one-stop platform for agriculture and life science software development solutions. Supported by experienced software developers, we create customer custom dispensary POS systems, provide medical marijuana patient management solutions, design inventory and seed-to-sale tracking software, deliver e-commerce solutions, and develop mobile purchase and scheduling apps. With our comprehensive approach, you’re able to meet every aspect of agriculture & life sciences requirements.
Comprehensive Approach

We design apps that enable you to control, monitor, manage the process of the entire organization efficiently to avoid further glitch.

Real-Time Communication

Jivaso’s team is fully dedicated and ensures the convenience of clients by being available as per local time zone across the world.

Industry-focused Solutions

Jivaso has a team of agriculture & life science software developers that quickly relates to clients’ concern and offers custom solutions.

Deep Industry Expertise

With deep industry expertise, we utilize the best practices and new technologies to meet your requirements and marketing innovations.

New Technology Integration

We specialize in integrating new technology with traditional methods to address all aspects of the agriculture and life science industry.

Performance-based Solutions

All development solutions are pay as you go with. Choose our best developer and pay on a monthly basis. Call or video chat with the project manager anytime for real-time updates.

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