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Are You Looking for a Ninja to Perform All Digital Activities?

Such a person who knows all of it rarely exists in the real world. Your hunt should be for a specialized team, not a solo person.

Common Industry Challenges

360 Digital Business Solution

Hire dedicated or on-demand specialists as your in-house digital employees.
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On-Demand Resources

Hire a Managed Team for Cost of One Employee

Our digital employee solution allows you to choose a certain quantity of hours per month, and leverage multiple domain experts led by a team manager. Our flexible workload methodology is totally aligned with your evolving business priorities. Our expertise spans numerous niches and we have proven competence in spearheading digital transformation for a wide range of industries. Leverage our transparent methodology with timesheet reporting and professional project management services. 

Save 75% on Employee Life Cycle Costs

Digital employee solution where you can hire a managed team using our innovative time sharing and productivity management framework.
Your Digital Requirements Est. Annual Salary Digital Employee Solution
Marketing Manager $70,000Included
UI/UX Designer $70,000Included
Website/Software Developer$80,000Included
Content & Social Media$50,000Included
Paid Ads Specialist$60,000Included
SEO Specialist$50,000Included
Training, Benefits & Retention $10,000$0
Infrastructure Cost & Subscriptions $10,000$0
Net Expense$400,000$50,000 - $100,000

Transforming Lives, Digitally

Solution for Every Need

We enable your brand to reach its maximum potential and achieve unprecedented success in the digital landscape by implementing results-driven digital business solutions.
Web Design & Development Full-stack web application development lies at the nexus of design and architecture.
Mobile App Development Hybrid, cross-platform or native iOS, android mobile app development solution.
Ecommerce Applications Customers make 75% of their purchase decisions online before going to the store.
Conversion Rate Optimization Get more conversions with profound user experience and immersive engagement.
Lead Generation & Sales Fill your sales funnel with high-quality leads by following an omni-channel strategy.
Search Engine Optimization Increase your visibility, top of page ranking and organic website traffic.
Social Media Marketing Shape the conversation around your brand, build loyalty, increase brand awareness.
Paid Advertising (SEM & Social) Build your opportunity pipeline and reach the right customers at a much lower cost.
Content Marketing Innovative content is top most priority to influence and engage your audience.
CRM & Lead Scoring Optimize your sales processes to enable decision making and a growth mindset.
Online Reputation Management Establish trust with your prospects by capturing reviews and testimonials.
Chatbot Communication Automate your lead intake and streamline sales process using intelligent chatbots.
Email & Marketing Automation Increase your customer recall and conversions through effective follow ups.
Graphic Design & 3D Animation Create product demos and explainer videos that tell stories, touch hearts, inspire action.

    Technovation Focussed on Delivering Real Results

    We have delivered proven results using our innovative approach, productivity management and scrum methodology. 
    Connecting the Dots

    The assigned team works in cohesion to amplify the results and successful delivery headed by a professional project or brand manager.

    Smart Workflow

    Smart tools are not a patent for large businesses anymore. We have made them affordable and available for SMEs to meet agile business requirements.

    Tangible Results

    We drive tangible results focussed on business objectives such as sales growth or internal process optimization, with KPIs & analytics.

    Long Term Commitment

    SMEs are looking for a long term partner who they can trust. Our 100% client satisfaction score is a testament to the value we offer which goes beyond cost savings.

    Flexible Engagement Models

    Our flexible pricing models are tailored to reflect business priorities, maturity of processes, complexity of specifications and technological landscape.
    Hourly Rate

    Client agrees upon an hourly, daily or weekly rate for the allocated resources.This model offers flexibility to change requirements on the fly, ability to balance project resources, and spread the workload.

    Managed Team

    We are an extension of your team and you get access to our technical, marketing and project management resources. Our experts comply with your corporate culture, rules, and industry practices.

    Fixed Price

    Fixing the price is about fixing the scope, project requirements, as well as deadlines. This requires thorough analysis, initial planning, consulting, predefined scope, estimation, and execution plan.


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