Why Should You Use DevOps in Your Business Process?

Benefits of DevOps for Your Business?

Do you want to know how to improve software development and delivery process? 

You probably need a DevOps tool. Use of DevOps helps in improving the development and delivery process of software in different profit or non-profit organizations, educational firms, government entities, and other establishments.   

Below statistic uncovers how important DevOps is when it comes to scaling the software development process. 

According to the survey, 

  • Approximately, 80% of respondents considered that DevOps is somewhat important.
  • Half of them claimed it is extremely important.
Source: Statista

What is DevOps

DevOps is a set of tools and practices, combining IT operations and software development to enhance the capacity of a company. It reduces the development cycle, continuously creates and delivers applications and services more robust and agile when compared with general software development processes. Top brands like HP, Amazon, Etsy, Netflix, Adobe are using DevOps.

Key Elements Of Using DevOps

Microservices Infrastructure as Code Continuous Delivery
Monitoring & Logging Continuous Integration Communication & Collaboration

You can probably store up trouble in introducing DevOps in your business process. So if you do not want to use it, you have an option to avail DevOps consulting services at Jivaso, a trusted software development company in Toronto, Canada. 

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Let’s get ahead and explore the benefits of using DevOps in your businesses.

Benefits of Using DevOps in Your Business Process

With support of the DevOps team working with you, you can leverage DevOps tools in the software development process. 

  • Early Bugs Detection: The collaborative DevOps environment will allow you to promote the practice of ‘Knowledge Sharing’ across teams. Constant monitoring, automation, and code testing help improve software quality. Your team members can share their feedback, which further helps detect bugs earlier.  
  • Better Customer Experiences: DevOps allows you to:
  1. enhance restoration times by 24x
  2. reduce chances of failure by 3x
  3. improve development rate  by 200x

Automation of the software delivery process becomes executable, assuring accuracy, authenticity, and durability of an application after each new release. Since the applications function seamlessly, you reap the benefits of greater customer satisfaction.

  • Super Collaboration: DevOps ensures super collaboration within your team members, empowering them with an optimal mechanism to upgrade agility. It creates a well-suited environment of mutual integration, conversation, and collaboration across global teams in an IT firm. 

With the influx of such an awesome DevOps environment, the old and impotent set of limits are getting blurry day by day. With the successful use of DevOps, all your team members become accountable to meet customer demand and deliver projects in a predetermined time frame.

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  • Fast Delivery Time: Constant and delivery of accurate software, self-regulation, and a fast feedback cycle are the central principles of DevOps. These features make your software development process more efficient, effective, and agile. You can leverage automation for granting SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) seamless flow. With a collaborative environment, DevOps has the ability to give scope for prompt and incessant feedback so that any glitches can be detected and rectified at the same time; this ultimately helps in making fast and on-time delivery.  
  • Avant-garde Solutions: DevOps simplify the processes by promulgating the efficient release, thereby helping your business grow. With full implementation of DevOps, your development team can work like a professional by offering innovative solutions. Your team will have endless scope for doing innovations by fixing the glitches.
  • Endless Release and Deployment: In this day and age, software development practices call for committed teams for constant quality improvement, fast delivery, fewer release cycles, and go-to-market timelines. DevOps features perform all this by employing automation. 

Automated CI/CD pipeline allows DevOps teams to create and integrate code almost immediately. CI/CD is a way to frequently develop and deliver software to clients by introducing automation into the development stages. When QA is installed and automated, it gives developers the ability to pay attention to code quality. Thus, DevOps promotes higher quality, better productivity, and stable and quicker releases.

In a nutshell, DevOps can help you by boosting your business productivity. Hire certified DevOps developers with expertise in DevOps. Doing so will enable you to utilize this set of innovative tools efficiently without any technical glitches.

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