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Digital Marketing Techniques You Can’t Ignore in 2022

Digital marketing is dynamic. It changes every year. Whether you are a small business or marketer trying to keep up with the latest trends in search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, social media, paid advertising on Google Adwords and Facebook – something new always happens that could affect your digital marketing strategy.

Let’s uncover top digital marketing trends that you cannot ignore in 2022. These trends will shape your approach to digital marketing, empowering you to make informed decisions when using technologies for business or personal purposes.

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Scope of AI in Digital Marketing

Many companies are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) across all industries such as banking, retail, healthcare, and more. AI is an effective mechanism for marketing purposes too. It automates basic tasks such as reporting on website traffic as well as recommending keywords for optimizing the ranking of a company’s organic search or even predicting what consumers are likely to buy in the future based on their past purchases history.

So, using Artificial Intelligence in 2022 is going to be very important when it comes to SEO and other digital marketing strategies if you are struggling to gain a higher search engine rank.

Note that AI is revolutionizing the way digital marketers are approaching digital marketing. Therefore, as a business, you should consider using Artificial Intelligence. Connect with Jivaso for AI App Development.

Voice Assistants and Chatbots

When we talk about digital assistants, Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa come first.

Yes, these tools are becoming more popular by the day.

According to industry forecasts:

  1. Market value of voice-based shopping is likely to reach 40 billion by 2022.
  2. Consumer spending via voice assistants is also proposed to reach 18%.

Even in 2021, a maximum number of SMEs have begun to use chatbots. Reason being, this too helps automate customer service needs for better efficiency when handling customers’ inquiries on social media channels, email marketing and other online platforms.

  • Chatbot features to respond to customers
  • It communicates with them without human involvement from your side
  • Typically, chatbot dialogue is powered by artificial intelligence
  • AI gives chatbot a real character, letting customers have more fun interacting with the brand
  • Chatbot provides customers with a personalized experience. So, customers tend to communicate more often with your company

I’m damn sure that in 2022, small businesses, including Fortune 500 companies, will need to have chatbots integrated into their digital marketing strategy to enhance customer interactions on the web.

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Multichannel Marketing 

The days of only relying on cold-calling and websites are over. To connect with your consumers, you need to use different channels of communication. These marketing channels can be creating a website, blog, social media, WhatsApp group, hosting events, webinars, or attending conferences. 

Focusing on just one channel is not enough for your business. You need an integrated approach that will let you have time to create content for each platform as well as maintain your brand voice. 

In 2022, you will need to build a robust customer base by utilizing as many channels of communication and marketing as possible!

Mobile-First Marketing

The number of smartphone users and tablet users is witnessing more hike than desktop users. 

According to data released by the Government of Canada on 2021-06-22 –

  • 88.1% of total internet users aged 15 years have a smartphone
  • 45.4% of users check the smartphone at least every 30 minutes
  • 56.1% of users check the smartphone before going to sleep

Since more people are using smartphones and tablets, creating mobile-friendly content and involving mobile marketing strategies is the need of hours to rank higher in search engines.

Hire Graphic Designers to optimize your website design and let it automatically adapt for smaller screens. Or you can let your web developer create a separate app with your company’s information that can be downloaded on mobile phones and tablets.

In 2022, using a responsive design for your app or website will continue to be on the must-have list. This allows users with any device type to easily access the services or products you offer.  

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), an Open Source Framework, is another option for creating simple mobile websites that load almost instantly. 

In 2022, mobile-first marketing will be the most important trend for Small and Medium Size Businesses.

So, it’s essential to start now!

Digital Tasks and Marketing Automation

As technology advances, marketing automation tools are becoming more popular. With these tools, marketers can automate repetitive tasks in real-time using a variety of marketing channels. 

Some tasks that can be automated are – 

  • Saving time researching
  • Compiling data
  • Managing social media posts. Schedule them in advance
  • Sending out pre-written email templates to those who have not opened your emails in the last few days!

In 2022, automation is going to be more important for businesses because it allows you to spend more time on strategic tasks.

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Bottom Line

The fragrance of 2022 is slowly getting mixed in the air. Marketers are prompt to strategize new tactics for their business growth in the coming year. One of the most effective is to be aware of what trends are coming up in the future. 

This way, you will find yourself preparing for them now and staying ahead of the competition.

In a nutshell, the future of marketing is AI-based. So, the sooner you begin investing in AI, the more likely your business will flourish!

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Digital Marketing

7 Lesser-Known Facebook Marketing Tools to Increase Engagement by 153%

Is Facebook engagement giving you a lot of pain?

Does your social media team have a toilsome task every month to increase engagement?

Have no fret!

Facebook engagement can be easier and more worthy than you ever imagined.

You might have found this out the hard way.

At any given time, you can invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in Facebook Ads. And you might get success, but you are spending a ton of money.

If you have a large number of fans but very little actual engagement, you are unaware of the hidden tools within Facebook’s apps, extensions, and insights that could make your Facebook ad a lot more effective.

The real power is beneath these less popular tools. That’s why we have tried to compile these tools here.

Facebook Messenger Marketing

A very few marketers take advantage of Messenger marketing despite it being one of the profitable sources in digital marketing today. It is as simple as it sounds.

  • Messages on Facebook Messenger have an open rate of 55-85%.
  • The Clickthrough rate is 20%, mainly when using chat blasting.
  • A conversion rate of 3-5x higher than Facebook desktop ads.
  • Its marketing costs 30-50x less than Facebook ad campaigns 

The best way to get started with Facebook Messenger marketing is by hiring digital marketing experts at Jivaso.

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Comment Guard

Comment guard (Private Reply via Messenger) is a marketing feature of Facebook Messenger. It lets you add new contacts to your contact list when they comment on your Facebook post.

How ‘comment guard’ works –

  • Post something on Facebook. Let users comment on your post.
  • When someone comments on the post, they automatically get a private reply from you in Messenger.

Say, for example, you post something on your Facebook page that has high engagement potential. This could be a contest, quiz, a question, whatever. All the comments aren’t just comments anymore; they turn to be warm leads. 

Use MobileMonkey to pull this off, but it’s really easy.  MobileMonkey is an online platform to run your Facebook Messenger marketing efforts.

Click to Messenger Ads

Click-to-Messenger ads is a normal Facebook ad. It can be placed wherever just like any other Facebook ad can appear such as News Feeds, Stories, and even on Instagram. When a user clicks on the ad, they are redirected to Facebook or Instagram to the Messenger app. They are brought directly to a chat with your brand, which your bot will immediately initiate to respond. You can set your chatbot to ask users questions and send them offers based on their responses.

The ad looks like this:


Warm Engaged Invites

One tool that you can use for building your Facebook audience is that you can invite those who engage with your Facebook page. Invite them to become a fan of your page. 

Using this hidden Facebook marketing tool, you can see the people who engaged with your post and can invite them to like the page. 

The reason why this is important is that you can target engaged people. If you have a large number of Facebook fans, but you lack when it comes to engagement, Facebook’s algorithm will punish you.

So it is advisable to recognize those people who will be engaged. Use this tool and decide to manually invite engaged people.

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Send Personal Invites in Messenger

Another marketing tool is to invite your friends to like your business page. Also, send the invitation in the Messenger. This will enable you to personalize the message and give them two touches instead of just one. 

For this, follow the below insertions –

  • Click on the “Community” button on your Facebook page.
  • Invite Friends to Like Your Page

Here, you will be able to invite friends and create a personalized message. However, it is essential to check the box at the bottom for sending the invite using Messenger.

Messenger Drip Campaigns

If you have been associated with digital marketing for any amount of time, you better know how powerful a compelling drip campaign can be. 

Drip campaigns automate messaging for your audience even if they join for 1 minute or forever. It is good to design campaigns that nurture your key audience segments, whether they came in from a webinar or ad or whether they are top of the funnel or use your product regularly.

 A good Facebook Messenger drip campaign can increase your potency by 10x. Again, the power lies in the chatbot builder. Get the benefits MobileMonkey’s drip campaign feature for this.

The good thing is that a Facebook drip campaign can be completed in a few minutes or hours, unlike an email drip campaign that can take days or weeks to complete. 

In addition, when you use a chatbot, the whole sequence can turn to be interactive. You will be able to create multiple choices as well as engage users on a deeper level.

Page Competition Gauge

One of the most important marketing tactics is to understand who your competition is and what they are up to. This practice allows knowing who your competition is. Thanks to Facebook’s algorithm that has figured it out.

For using this feature, you should go to the insights of your Facebook page. From insights, scroll down until you see ‘pages to watch.’

By default, Facebook features to display five potential competitors. However, you have an option to view more by clicking “See More Suggested Pages.”

If you choose to add a competitor to your watched pages, you can keep up with their growth rates, activity, total likes, and the frequency of their posts. With this information, you will be able to understand how you are doing and what needs to be done to achieve your goals and stay ahead of your competitors.

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YouTube Update: Automatic Live Captions Available for All Channels Now

YouTube is bringing Automatic Live Captions to all channels in an attempt to make content more accessible. Now, the Automatic Livestream Captions of YouTube will be available for all videos creators on the platform. 

YouTube is rolling out a series of updates with a view to making content more accessible for viewers. Automatic live captions are one of the most recent updates.

Earlier, this feature was not available for all videos creators and was accessible only in beta for select channels with over 1,000 subscribers.

The benefit of live automatic captions is that it allows live streams to display a dialogue on the screen as it is being spoken. 

According to YouTube, the automatic captions will also be available in the event that a recording of the stream is made available as a ‘Video on Demand (VOD). This feature will make it an alternative to manually transcribing streams.

In addition to all these, YouTube has rolled out an update to make content more accessible on mobile and introduce a way to make video transcripts searchable. 

Since live automatic captions are available for all –

  • Every creator can now access this feature regardless of the subscriber account
  • While streaming, creators can visit their live control room and enable or disable live automatic captions on a per-stream basis 
  • With this, creators can make their content accessible to more viewers
  • This feature will potentially expand the live audience of creators
  • Currently, the feature is available in the English language only. However, YouTube is planning to add more languages in the future.

Auto-Translated Subtitles Coming to Mobile

In the statement, YouTube has stated that it is planning to expand the auto-translated subtitles option to mobile. With this, users can easily access a variety of content in their easy-to-understand language. Again, this will allow more channels viewers and subscribers.

Searchable Transcripts

Apart from the above update, YouTube is making video transcripts searchable on desktop just like the text on any website is searchable by hitting Ctrl+F on your keyboard. The motive might be to expand accessibility to the viewers who are less tech-savvy.

YouTube has now announced to build a search function right into the transcript box to enhance user experience. In searchable transcripts, users can view and search transcripts for the most important and relevant information. Thus, finding interesting information without watching the entire video will be easier for viewers. 

YouTube has also a plan for bringing searchable transcripts to mobile. This will expand the video discovery exponentially. 

New Channel Permissions For Subtitles

When it comes to channel permission subtitle role, YouTube is adding a new subtitle role to it. With this subtitle role, creators can delegate the ability for creating captions or subtitles for the videos to someone that they trust.

With this update, hiring someone to transcribe videos has become easier for creators.


How to Write Meta Descriptions to Dominate Google Search Results?

Do you want to increase your organic SEO rankings?

Meta descriptions might be one of the answers for this.

If written well, meta descriptions can play a very significant role in boosting SEO rankings. 

A compelling meta that has keywords can attract people to click on your page in the search results to learn more.

Go through this post in which we have explained the best practices regarding creating meta descriptions to dominate Google search results.

Are you ready to learn?

What Is a Meta Description?

A meta description, also called a description tag, is an HTML attribute. It contains a short summary of your web page. It is a 160-character snippet often displayed by Google in search results to let visitors know what a web page is all about. 

An example of a meta description –

Optimal Length and Format of Meta Descriptions

  • Length: While meta descriptions can be of any length, Google truncates snippets to 155–160 characters. It is best to keep the description long enough that it can be sufficiently descriptive. Conclude it between 150–160 characters. The optimal length can vary depending on the situation. Your main objective should be to give value and draw clicks.
  • Format: Meta description should be written in an active, natural and non-spammy way. It intelligently employs keywords that the page is targetting. It should be compelling so that searchers tend to click. Further, your meta tag should be relevant to the page it describes, and unique from the descriptions from other pages.

How to Write Meta Descriptions that Dominate Google Search Research

#1. Include a CTA in YourWhile writing meta descriptions, use a call-to-action (CTA). It is a great way to compel people to click on your website. Using phrases like “Learn More” “Click Here” or “Shop Now,” is the way to go. 

  • CTAs help readers understand what service or product you offer and what they can expect if they click. 
  • CTAs give readers a reason to click through and engage with your site.
  • CTAs can be used for selling a product, offering an email sign-up or directing users to your social media pages.

#2. Benefit-Driven Copy: Experienced content writers know the way to clearly describe the BENEFIT of your offers. For instance, take this post about on-page SEO. The benefit of reading this post is it guides you ‘how to write meta descriptions for Google.  

This is why you’ll find an emphasis on meta descriptions. Highlight benefits in your meta tag. However, the benefits can be different for an eCommerce product page, your home page, service page, or a tool. 

"Pages with meta descriptions see an average of 5.8 percent more clicks"

#3. A/B Test Your Meta Descriptions: Do you know a meta description can be a place to explore different phrases, keywords and CTAs?

Yes. This helps you decide what drives more engagement. 

It is good to A/B test your meta descriptions. For this, make two descriptions for each page.

  1. In this first meta description, use one variation of a phrase, keyword, or CTA.
  2. In the second one, focus on a different offer, term or keep your current meta as it is.

Now, run each meta for a few weeks. Then see which one of the two has earned more clicks using your Google Analytics. 

Based on this, you can use that information when writing new meta descriptions for your pages.

If clicks in two meta descriptions are close, consider metrics, such as checking time on page, bounce page, conversions. Traffic is not the only thing meta descriptions can impact.

#4. Google Ads Inspiration: If you want your meta description to reach next level, it is right to copy text from Google Ads.


Google Ads placement is determined based on two factors – how much advertisers bid and Quality Score.

Specifically, ads that get clicked on a lot, pay less for every click. 

And the #1 factor that has a strong impact on Quality Score is ‘Click through rate.’

So when you see an ad in the search results, you can be SUPER confident that it has a high CTR. This means you have a proven copy that can be used in the title and description of a meta description.

Here’s how you can do it

  • First, search for your target keyword in Google.
  • Then, look for any copy that several ads use.
  • If that copy makes sense for your page, use it in your description.

#5. Create Unique and Interesting: As already mentioned, meta descriptions are an overview of what content is there on your page, so they are important for drawing readers’ attention.

Try different methods to attract user attention. Use a ‘Clickbait Title’ or ask a question users want to be answered.

Clickbait Titles are headlines that are often misleading, sensationalist, or just outright ridiculous.
Example - “How to Achieve Results Using This One Weird Trick

Use eye-catching phrases or words that will grab a user’s attention. This could be  “hilarious,” “shocking” or “life-changing.” Remember not to overpromise and under-deliver.

What do you observe in the example above?

They have used a very active voice to generate a momentous push for readers. Without any unnecessary details, you are told what you can expect. If you are struggling with an easy way to help your SEO, then most probably you would click this link.

Most importantly, take care that the meta description matches the content of the page. 

All these are important to rank high in the SERPs.

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#6. No Duplicate Meta Descriptions: Always write unique meta descriptions for each page. Add to the plan of your SEO services. It increases the possibility that search engines and other browsers can understand what content is on a page and how it compares to other pages.

Take an example, when you see duplicate meta descriptions on every page of a website, you will be unable to understand what kind of content is on what page. 

This is particularly very important for an eCommerce website as they have many pages with similar content. While the products can be similar, the meta tags should be different and unique.

If you have duplicate meta descriptions, it will have negative effects on your website. Crawlers will experience difficulty in crawling your site. You may also face indexing penalties as crawlers can’t determine which page is original.

Remember to write meta descriptions for each page.

#7. Include Target Keywords in Meta Descriptions: Including keywords in meta descriptions is important especially for two reasons and not because it gives you any direct SEO benefit. 

  1. To let search engines understand the page and better rank your content. 
  2. To reassure audiences that the page covers the topic they are interested in. 

Mentioning your target keyword at least once in your meta description is important. 

Search engines do not use the content in your meta description as a ranking signal. But,  that doesn’t mean they aren’t valuable for users. 

Google makes keywords bold in the SERPs.

Doing so helps keywords stand out.

Using keywords in meta descriptions emphasizes that you’re a good fit for the person’s search query.

It is advisable to use an online tool to find relevant keywords for your page and then to your meta descriptions in order to boost your ranking.

Keep in mind that each page needs to contain different keywords in the meta descriptions. This will make sure your page will appear in all relevant searches.

  • Avoid keyword stuffing in your meta descriptions.
  • Each meta description should have one or two keywords per page
  • Every keyword should be relevant to the page

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#8. Implement Structured Data 

In order to provide additional context for search engines and social media platforms, add structured data meta tags (HTML tags) to your website.

The most common types of structured data meta tags are – 

  • The name of your business 
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • A product description with price points (if applicable)
  • An image URL and a Twitter handle.

There are several ways to implement structured data. However, one of the most popular ways is when a website implements reviews in its meta descriptions.

For example,

This works as a quick signal for your audiences that they can find something valuable on your site. Structured data helps in building a more effective and powerful meta description to help you rank higher in search results. They will also help you snag Google snippets.


Meta descriptions are an essential part of onsite SEO. It not just increases SEO ranks but also boosts click-through rates, conversions, and sales. It improves indexing, letting users find the content they are looking for without scanning page titles. 

Make your meta descriptions discriptive, compelling and unique to each page of your website. Though they may be short, they can help in ranking higher in SERPs by letting search engines and users better understand what your page is about.

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Software Development

How to Develop Shopify Custom Checkout App and Optimize Checkout Process?

Shopify is a subscription-based software that allows merchants to set up an online store and sell their products. These days, thousands of online eCommerce websites are using Shopify as the framework for their web pages.

Although Shopify allows extensive front-end customization, the checkout process follows a standard format. Many merchants want to design a custom checkout page for increasing their conversion rate and minimizing the number of abandoned carts.

Quick Facts

  • About 60% of carts are abandoned during the checkout phase
  • In an online business’s success, an e-commerce business with a high rate of 86% checkout optimization plays a crucial

A well-designed app is created with quality features that streamline the checkout process and increase consumer confidence.

Goals of Shopify Custom Checkout Page – There are many websites that use standard Shopify checkout pages without making any changes in them. This page guides the consumer through the entire process of inputting billing and payment information. When a consumer finalizes the sale, the website responds to him with a ‘thank you’ page.

Nevertheless, checking out is a process where users are most likely to prevent themselves from doing a transaction. This may be because they have become careful enough about their financial information and attentive to their time. 

So, if any part of the checkout process is doubtful or unclear, consumers are very prompt to quit the page. 

The team of custom checkout developers must understand these two primary objectives – 

  1. First, expert developers want to streamline the checkout process so that it consumes less time for users
  2. Second, they want the website to offer clear cues that everything is improving as per the requirements

Autofill technology is the first step towards making the checkout process faster than ever. Google Search Engine will fill out the shipping and billing addresses as the consumer types.

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Integrating Additional Payment Methods – When you offer multiple payment options to consumers, it makes easier for them to shop at your site. It is good to integrate the checkout page with a trusted payment processor that will allow Shopify to secure the payment of consumers done with credit cards, debit cards and digital wallets.

Clear Discount Information – Another way to encourage conversion is to highlight exclusive discounts during checkout. When customers see special offers and discounts, they are more likely to buy now rather than postpone it for tomorrow.

Increase Confidence with Visual Badges – Always remember to include digital trust badges because these badges let your audiences feel more confident about the purchase process on your site. The site should share information about encryption, merchant guarantees and other security measures, through these visual tokens.

Optimized UI – The checkout process should not take too long. If it takes too much time, consumers will walk away. Add a progress bar because it will encourage a complete transaction by giving your consumers a sense of where they are in the process. 

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Want to Hire a Shopify Development Team?

The Development Process

There are some challenges in developing a custom Shopify checkout app. Although businesses are not using the standard Shopify page, they hardly want to give their prospective consumers a sense of anything unusual. Developers need to let consumers experience a smooth transition to the custom page and a simple process.

Shopify Checkout API Access: For a smooth transaction, information must range between Shopify and the custom checkout app. When you hire talented Shopify app developers, they make this connection through the Shopify checkout API – cart data transfer to the app, and checkout information travels through the API and back to Shopify as needed.

Payment Gateway Integration: The integration of payment gateway is another crucial factor Shopify developers need to work on. Your development team needs to connect to a payment platform directly from the app. This arrangement reduces the processing time.

Payment Response and Thank You Pages: When creating a custom checkout page, keeping in mind users is of utmost importance. Your consumers need reassurance that computers do not. The checkout app should post a response from the payment gateway to intimate users about their successful financial transactions. This keeps users engaged. 

Note that the app should also send information about successful financial transactions to merchants so that they can keep a digital record.

At the end of the process, the app showcases a Thank You alert that lets users know the sale is finished. Such reports when shared with the user instills confidence in the checkout process.

Benefits of a Custom Checkout App for Merchants

Many merchants will gain benefit from a custom checkout app. 

  • Flexibility – The app comes with the flexibility merchants need. This is important because you may experiment with new products and business models.
  • Integrate trusted payment provider – Custom app development allows the checkout app to integrate with a payment provider that the merchant trusts.  New businesses can link to a new gateway as they look for the right fit.
  • Software Configuration – The shipping partner of a business can change as it grows or carries new products because an experienced development team can easily configure the software to share address information with the shipping provider automatically.
  • Smooth Checkout Process –  A custom Shopify checkout app ensures a smooth checkout process which may put shoppers in a buying mood.
  • Display Popular Products – As a merchant, you can showcase your popular products that a shopper can add to the order without re-entering the information.
  • Better Conversion Rate – A Shopify custom checkout app combines a secure checkout with an optimized process. This is designed to have a user-friendly structure that leads the shopper from start to finish. Thus, you can see an increased conversion rate.

Your Trusted Partner for Shopify App Development

Shopify development team at Jivaso comes with 10+ years of experience. They are knowledgeable, skilled, competent and dedicated. They offer custom front-end services to ensure a unique, branded look. Jivaso development team also works with the back-end by creating seamless integrations and a custom checkout page. Besides, you can get complete digital marketing services to promote your brand. So, partner with us and we will offer you the best checkout solutions, thereby increasing conversion rates of your eCommerce Shopify store.

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