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4 Post-Pandemic Marketing Strategies to Survive and Thrive Your Business

The world has grappled with coronavirus pandemic. 

COVID-19 has hit everyone hard. And businesses are no exception. 

Have you ever taken heed of what the post-pandemic world would mean for your business?

Pandemic has increased the speed at which the world is adopting “DIGITAL PLATFORMS.” 

It has empowered many online industries, innovated the way marketing is done, and affected digital marketing strategy.

Never before have we been so dependent on ‘Work From Home’ ‘Zoom’ ‘Google.’ This demonstrates that as digital marketers, we make decisions that use this new reliance on technology.

You shouldn’t let the coronavirus whittle away your efforts.  Since the pandemic progress, resetting strategy during and post-pandemic marketing would bring long-term benefits.

Below are 4 effective post-pandemic marketing strategies.

#1 Focus On Existing Customers

Are you struggling with new clients? Experts say, try focusing more on the existing customers who are still with you despite the economic downturn. 

  • Create services to meet their needs
  • Launch ad campaigns to target their new requirements
  • Issue refunds to clients who had prepaid memberships
  • Or give refunds to those who were on auto-pay during the lockdown period

Though this could burn your cash flow, the money you have refunded will most likely come back tenfold when the economy restabilizes. 

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For instance,  Neil Patel launched premium UberSuggest features with the free version. While he witnessed a drop in free trial signups, he did receive an overflow of admiration from an endless number of people within the industry. Some even bought the paid plan. Despite the fact that Neil Patel did not experience more money coming in, he did see more traffic coming in.

The point is, 

Look out to your clients, customers, and coworkers during pandemics. In return, they will thank you for it in some way or another. Most importantly, you’ll see growth in other areas such as brand awareness,  customer loyalty, organic traffic, social media engagement. 

Shift Everything Online

There is no surprise that everything is moving online due to lockdown and travel restrictions. According to a Forbes article, there is a spike in businesses that:

  • Want to update or create websites
  • Create social media campaigns
  • Tend to allow home-based work
  • Focus more on e-commerce trends 

It is the perfect time for you to improve your online presence. For this, you should automate your services, mode of communication. 

For example, if you deal with the Healthcare and Wellness industry, implement an online software that allows the staff of your hospital/clinic and patients to perform many activities online.

A well-developed software tool helps:

  • Track patient data like symptoms, histories, vitals, and other medication
  • Manage your daily tasks of operating a medical facility online
  • Register patients, record their health information
  • Automate administrative operations
  • Secure the transmission of e-prescription, medical test requests among pharmacies, hospitals. 
  • Avoid adverse drug interactions and verify patient credentials 
  • Manage approved medication lists, dispensing workflows, inventories, and compliance
  • Support your employees’ work-from-home needs.

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To develop such software for your business irrespective of industry, call +1-647-200-3318 and talk to our experts.

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Invest in Facebook Ads

Many people are spending time at home and on social media like Facebook due to lockdown. So, Facebook has become an optimum platform to let people know that your business is alive and that you are able to serve them even during this tough time.

Why Facebook Ads?

  • Facebook Ads are quite affordable
  • It is suitable for local small businesses to scale up
  • It helps you showcase any changes you have made to your business
  • It is ideal to tell people about any COVID-19-exclusive discounts or promotions 
  • Facebook Ads are engaging and well-targeted

Creating regular relatable posts needs to is an important ingredient of your Facebook marketing strategy. While social distancing is the norm across Canada, you must narrow the gap between your business and customers. Chat with customers. Reply to their query. Clear their doubts if they have any. Try to know what they are looking for; where they stay; what their budget is. 

Facebook features audience targeting capabilities, which allow you to reach customers based on location, gender, hobbies and interest, profession, marital status, and the list goes on. 

The pandemic has reduced the CPM (cost per thousand impressions). So it is the best time to invest in a good Facebook ads strategy. It will be an affordable way to generate leads and sales.

Please note that Facebook ads bring the best results when they are consistently repeated. So, try managing your Facebook page during or after the coronavirus pandemic.

Paid Advertising Channels

PPC ads are the way to go right now. However, avoid focusing all at once on LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, and Instagram Ads. Instead, you need to figure out where your target audience is hanging out. Based on it, focus most of your PPC efforts on channels where your audiences are present.

Let’s see these examples

  • Choose ads on Google if you have a more serious business like an addiction treatment facility
  • Instagram is the right place for a beauty business as your target audience is likely to be there
  • If you have a business-related service or tool like a keyword research tool, then go for LinkedIn

Apply Above Marketing Strategies to Survive and Thrive During COVID-19 Pandemic

While the world has been thrown into a coronavirus whirlwind, no doubt digital marketing is playing a pivotal role in helping businesses survive and thrive. Hire a pool of talented and experienced social media marketers who can let you apply solid digital marketing tactics. They will not just allow you to recover your loss, but also maintain a strong connection to your customers and give you a headstart against your competitors. 

Wondering where find get the right SMM specialists for your business? Contact Us. 

Software Development

5 Best Automation Testing Tools For 2021

When testing QA for software and applications, you shouldn’t just leverage one tool. Instead, utilize many different types of tools for different purposes because test automation trends have changed a lot. Success in any test automation depends on using effective tools for the project. Whether you perform function, integration, unit, interface or other testing types, harness the power of the best automated QA testing tools. 

Without the help of the right testing QA for software, automation testing cannot succeed. But the availability of a myriad of open-source and commercial automation tools has made a selection of an effective automation Testing tool tricky. It is beneficial to know which automation testing is the right option for you.

With that in mind, we have listed below the 5 best automation testing tools for 2021.

1. Telerik Test Studio

Telerik Test Studio automation tools are highly compatible. It offers automated load, UI, and performance testing across desktop, web, and mobile devices. This automation tool is designed to support HTML5, JavaScript, ASP.NET, MVC, WPF, AJAX, Ruby, Silverlight, and PHP programming languages. Telerik comes with a record and playback for monitoring progress and is compatible with different browsers. 

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Just like people are comfortable in their primary language of origin, every QA tester has a preference for programming languages. So, if any of these supported languages “speak” to you most, then Telerik might just be the best automation testing solution for you.

Key Features

  • Telerik enables testers to schedule tests to automate the process further
  • It supports GUI, functionality, and API tests
  • It is compatible with real coding languages
  • It has the ability to run on two scripture languages, parallel tests, and creative recording features
  • It is the most suitable tool for QA testers who are familiar with C# and/or VB.NET scripting languages.

2. Selenium

An open-source web automation tool, Selenium is the best free automation testing tool for web application testing. It is among the most used automated testing tools used by software developers. It is compatible with numerous operating systems, browsers, and programming languages. Featured with advanced and automation scripts, this tool supports the execution of parallel tests and integrates many other software testing tools. 

Selenium automates across various OS Like Windows, Mac, and Linux and browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, IE, Headless Browsers. Widely used by software development companies, this automation testing tool comes inbuilt with record and playback features with its browser add-on Selenium IDE. The powerful Selenium WebDriver has been built to help create more complex and advanced automation scripts. 

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Key Features

  • Fully managed and highly scalable tool
  • Suitable for larger enterprise-size organizations
  • An appropriate tool for industries like insurance, banking, medical, and other security-sensitive sectors.
  • Quality for easy code maintenance 
  • Selenium test scripts can be written in many programming languages, like C#, Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, Perl and JavaScript. 

3. LambdaTest

LambdaTest is another popular automation testing tool for 2021. It is widely used by testers because it has the ability to run automated Selenium scripts on a scalable cloud grid. Our software testers use this cross-platform web and application automated testing tool because it allows them to perform interactive live testing on 2,000+ real web browser environments. LambdaTest can provide you with more robust options in comparison to other automated testing solutions.

Salient Features: 

  • LambdaTest is built on the latest tech stack
  • Its test execution is seamless and fast 
  • Parallel test execution to reduce test cycle
  • Support for all major languages and framework
  • Testers can use multiple APIs to extract all data they need
  • Users can perform geolocation testing
  • They can also run testing of their locally hosted website
  • Easy-to-integrate with various CI/CD execution
  • Also, easy interaction with project management, team communication tools.

4. TestArchitect

TestArchitect is another codeless test automation tool that uses Action Based Testing, a modern form of Keyword Driven Testing for less maintenance costs and high reusability. It allows integrations with CI/CD/DevOps tools, such as Azure, TFS, Jenkins. This keyword Driven Testing tool focuses on scaling up automation coverage and productivity. It uses an action-based form of keyword-driven testing for cross-browser, desktop, mobile, API, and computer vision testing platforms. 

Key Features:

  • Intuitive spreadsheet IDE just like Excel
  • OS support: Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Androids  
  • Ideal for those with less experience
  • Allows software development companies to cover more ground in less time

5. Appium

Appium is also on the list of top Automation Testing Tools in 2021. This mobile automation testing tool is designed on a server, and you can gain access to its automation framework through vendors. It is based on server architecture, backing native, hybrid and mobile apps. Using this open-source mobile tool, your testers can automate mobile apps from any programming language or test framework. With Appium, testing doesn’t need to recompile or SDK tools, Appium can run on mobile and computer operating systems using WebDriver protocols. 

Key Features

  • Allow developers to use their favorite dev tools, like Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, Python, C#.
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows app testing 
  • Appium delivers high performance, optimized stability
  • It maximizes flexibility for mobile-based testing
  • A high compatibility rate to automate different mobile app on any language using any test framework
  • Appium studio allows you to easily analyze, debug, execute tests on real devices

These are the top 5 Automation Testing Tools that can be used in 2021. If you have a lack of resources or you don’t want to hire software development for your in-house team, get in touch with us. We have a team of highly experienced and talented software developers who are familiar with the latest technologies. They can assist your team as a virtual team. Call us on 

+1-647-200-3318 for more details. 

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Web Development

Top 5 Full Stack Web Development Tools To Use In 2021

In the ever-changing world of technology, Small and Medium-sized businesses are reinventing themselves to provide better, and more reliable software solutions. And why not? Recent coronavirus pandemic has made people adopt virtual technology. It is therefore important for businesses to have an online presence and feed the demand of your client or customers during COVID-19. It may be that you develop your own sites with the help of your in-house team, choose a web development company or hire dedicated web developers if you lack proper resources. A prestigious web development service provider like Jivaso has top-class resources to use full-stack web development tools for backend and front-end development to develop entire software in an agile way.

Below are top 5 full-stack development tools you can use in 2021:


Image Source: StackShare

CodeKit is one of the most-used full-stack development tools used by website developers. This tool allows you to speed up web app development work by minifying, combining and checking javascript. Experts also use it to optimize images. Jivaso full-stack developers come with a profound knowledge of working with web application development tools, like CodeKit. 

Salient Features of CodeKit:

  • Refreshes browsers automatically across multiple devices, including Android, iOS, PC and Mac.
  • No need to reload the entire page while injecting CSS changes
  • Minifies code and reduces the file size
  • Automatically works and combines scripts as well as reduces HTTP requests
  • Allows installing 6,000+ built-in components ( jQuery, Bootstrap, Modernizr, WordPress, Zurb Foundation.) with a single click. 
  • Less, Typescript, CoffeeScript, Slim, Markdown, Html, and JavaScript can be compiled.


Image Source: eTatvasoft

Backbone.js is one of the popular tools to provide structure to web applications. Coming with key-value links and custom events, this web development tool lets you add structure to your javascript code. This is one of the tools to transform your data into models and provide different types of building blocks such as events, models, views, routers, and collections to improve client-side web apps.

Salient Features of Backbone

  • Backbone contains 100+ extensions
  • Makes code simple, organized and systematic
  • Allows developing one-page applications
  • Automatically updates HTML of an app on changing the model
  • Separates logic of the user interface and business
  • Allows creating client-side web apps or mobile apps


Image Source: YouTube

CodePen is another popular full-stack web development tool you can use in 2021 for front-end design and development. It helps you create, expand and deploy a website as well as create test cases. Using CodePen, you can create new pages without writing new code. This is possible because this tool comes with an in-built API function.  

Salient Features of CodePen

  • CodePen gives you impressive features to write CSS faster
  • It enables developers to build components to use elsewhere later
  • It allows experts to enjoy the live preview and live synchronization
  • With prefill API function, you can add demo pages and links without coding


Image Source:

TypeScript is an open-source programming language and a typed superset of Javascript. It complies to clean JS that can be used to run on any browser or device. As a full-stack developer, you’ll happen to spend a lot of time writing Javascript code. TypeScript allows you to compile that code for better application. This tool comes equipped with several features that help in the static certification of the code as well. TypeScript supports many JS libraries and has the quality to work on various platforms.

Salient Features of TypeScript 

  • Robust type system, including JS and generics feature
  • A seamless hybrid of static and dynamic typing
  • Aligned with ES development for compatibility
  • Manageable on multiple devices and browsers
  • Supports definition files like C/C++ header files
  • Good for developing large applications.

Visual Studio Code

Image Source:

Packed with a lot of features, Visual Studio Code is one of the most prominent tools for web application development. Popular features include Cross-platform support (Windows, Linux, and Mac), lightweight, Robust Architecture, IntelliSense. A product of Microsoft, Visual Studio Code can be used in multiple languages (C#, Visual Basic, Java-Script, XML, Python, CSS, GO, and PERL) and frameworks such as JavaScript, Ruby, Rust, etc. 

Salient Features of Visual Studio Code

  • Great Refactoring Tools 
  • Better UI, simple plugins, and better git integration
  • Web applications can be built and supported in VSC.
  • The code files are located in files and folders.
  • Usually supports all the programming languages
  • Resources can be pulled from GitHub Repo online and vice-versa

Wrapping Up

Full-stack development is complex. But the use of the above-listed Full-Stack web development tools makes the process much easier. From writing code to communication, ideal full-stack development tools enable you to perform every task efficiently. If you want to know more about full-stack development tools or tend to create your new project a full-stack platform, hire full-stack developers from a reputable software development company in Canada.

Jivaso can also help you by developing an outstanding web application. We will help you create a robust solution in a limited time frame.

UI/UX Design

Improve Website Conversion Rate with 7 Proven UX Design Tactics

Your website lives and dies by its conversion rates. While good conversion rates generate more sales, poor conversion rates mean struggles to keep your business afloat. Innovations in technology have triggered massive changes in digital marketing service approaches. One such change is ‘Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). CRO is a method to grow website visitors or improve the percentage of users to take the desired action. So, maintaining a healthy CRO is integral for a successful online business. 

For this, you need to consider notable factors that strike conversions. And one of the factors is the User Experience (UX), which is largely affected by UI (User-Interface). UX is how things work and UI is how things look. The engagement of online audiences depends on UX/UI design. This is the reason web design has earned worldwide recognition. Having a well-designed website with great UI is good for engaging customers and improving CRO.

Better UX web design can potentially make UI worthwhile to improve conversion rate.

User Experience Design

UX is related to everything including your visitors, leads, customers as they navigate your site on each page. UX determines how easily users find and what they are searching for on your site.

  • A better UX design enables you to understand customers in a better way. 
  • UX design improves the brand image and keeps you ahead in the competition. 
  • UX design helps establish a strong relationship with visitors which increases your credibility.

Facts Check

  1. 88% of users don’t tend to come back to a website after a bad user experience.
  2. 54%+ look at lists without bullet points.
  3. 70% of people look at lists with bullet points. 
  4. Because of bad usability, more than 68% of online businesses fail

Let’s explore how you can improve Website Conversion Rate through UX Design.

1. Simplicity is the Key

Simplicity is supreme when it comes to web design. A simple web design builds an edge for the online audiences when they order a product, request a service, make a digital payment or directly contact a business through contact forms. To ensure a well-built design:

  • Avoid making designs too complicated
  • Design a proper content layout for excellent readability 
  • Ensure clear, user-friendly navigation that allows visitors to quickly find the required information 
  • Have an engaging layout by keeping it clean and simple 
  • Check how your website appears on mobile. For this, use Google mobile site tester
  • If your site is not accessible on mobile, create a mobile version of your website
  • Avoid making each and every process too simple to boost online sales
  • Ensure if the site loads within 2 seconds
  • Minimize all controllable factors that slow down site speed. For this, use reliable site hosting, optimized graphics and proper website code.

2. Efficient Use of White Spaces

Image source:

Do you know the ‘White Space’ of a website is a vital element of a great design? Yes, that’s true! However, despite being one of the most significant facets of website design, ‘White Space’ is so underrated.

According to UX/UI experts,

  • White space around titles and text prompts user attention
  • It ensures a better user experience
  • It makes your content easy to navigate
  • It allows visitors to stay on the web page
  • It improves readability and drives attention to the right elements
  • It offers guidance to visitors to navigate from one object on the page to another

However, always make a balance between the use of ‘White Space’ and important information.

3. Transparency

Transparency is another important ingredient of a great UX/UI design.

  • Use impressive visual designs with clear messages so people can easily understand the context of the business
  • Allow uninterrupted and reliable data access to the users to easily find relevant information
  • Deliver a clear message to the site visitors
  • Avoid any confusing phrase or sentences that compel visitors to read that message again and again. It leaves a negative impact on their mind.

4. Trust Factor Is Important

Image source:
Trust is a crucial factor to Improve Website Conversion Rate. It encourages users to take action in the interest of your business. Trust depends on the following aspects:
  • Your company’s reliability
  • The products you offer
  • Correct, clear, and complete  information on your website
Hire PHP and MySQL developers or employ and HTML experts to design a website shopping cart. Apply for SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certification that ensures proper security for customers’ transactions. Set up “Buy Now” buttons on your website using a reliable payment processor,  such as Google Checkout, PayPal, ProPay, and Digital River’s CCNow. Note that online customers worry about the misuse of their personal information such as their emails, debit/credit card details, purchase history, etc. But if you guarantee ‘safe purchase’ on your site, visitors will easily get converted. This way, they will have no problem shopping from your site.

5. Inclusion of Contact Information

Image source:

Remove useless items from your website. Give a safe and secure way to get in touch with your patrons. This allows providing a better UX to visitors. 

  • Add clear and visible contact information and place CTA
  • Let customers contact you through phone, email, fax, physical address.
  • Mention phone number,  email in the footer of every page. 
  • Add a live chat tool so that users can chat with you in case of any query without wasting a single minute.

6. Reduce Error Messages

Some of the common traits are:

  • Missing Files
  • Inappropriate Sentences
  • Misspellings 
  • Broken Links

These errors turn the views of prospective customers into negative ones. A Bad UX design can put you in big trouble and may spoil your image. Whenever visitors visit your site, they may tend to interact with your content. This is why content is considered the most important element.

7. Add a Realistic Touch

Apart from the points mentioned above, humanize your websites. It gives a realistic touch to the sites. Visitors will feel more engaged and emotionally connected when they see people like them portrayed on the site. It will build an emotional connection with your design and content. Thus, you’ll build trust.

Final Words

Besides a great UX Design, there are other ways to improve website conversion rate. However, you should prioritize better UX design as it yields outstanding growth in sales and conversion rate. Wondering about creating great UI and UX design? Give a call us. We will help you with the best Web Design & UI/UX service. We not just craft appealing designs, but also provide great experiences to your users.