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Apply These 10 Techniques to Improve Local Marketing Strategy

Wondering how to help your clients win businesses in your community? If so, this blog is worth a read. While being engaged in the turbulent seas of marketing, don’t lose sight of one of your most significant audiences: your local market. You may need to apply some targeted tactics to reach local audiences.

Let’s uncover 10 secret techniques to improve local marketing strategy and reach potential customers. 

Check If It’s Mobile-friendly Website

Over half of online traffic across the globe happens on mobile devices. But, more than 60% of mobile searchers contact local businesses if they have a mobile-friendly site. A mobile-friendly website is crucial to attracting local customers.

Fact Check

  • Mobile-friendly sites load smoothly when accessed on a mobile device
  • They show bigger text to users, form menus, fields, and buttons
  • With easy-to-read text, users feel comfortable in browsing site information on the go

So, before you embark on local marketing strategies, confirm your website is mobile-friendly. To check this, use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool.

Localize Your Website

Localize your website by making web content relevant to your local audience and consumer base. It is advisable to add ‘Location-based Terms’ to the site. 

Say, for instance, instead of digital marketing services, your page could read “Best Digital Marketing Services in Toronto.”

Wherever relevant, localize your website content. Promote neighbourhood events, local gatherings, and industry listings from your area. Please remember to keep the language consistent between website, digital ads and social media. 

Add Location Page

Add a location page to your website. This is important especially if your office is at more than one location. Local location page includes the following information:

  • Your business name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Opening time
  • Other relevant store information

Adding a location page helps you rank on local SERPs.

Know Your Audience and Target Them

Know who your audiences are before developing any local SEO strategy

  • Know the group to which the ideal customer belongs 
  • Get an idea about your customers’ interests
  • Confirm what is going to appeal to them
  • Find out what social media platforms they spend the most time on
  • Once you recognize your audience, know who and where they are
  • Build your campaigns around the audience’s interests
  • Use the keywords they’ll be searching for
  •  Make advertisements that explain how your product solves its problems

Invest in Local SEO 

Local searches result in 50% of mobile users visiting stores within 24 hours. But this is impossible without local SEO. Ask your digital marketing agency to run local SEO campaigns. For this, software like Google AdWords is used. Creating local SEO campaigns helps drive traffic both online and offline. Also, consider PPC campaigns and other SEO strategies. 

Take Advantage of Local Directories

Many third-party websites, review sites, and directories highlight local businesses. They educate people where to shop. These sites are important for SEO and local search intent purposes. 

The most important listing among them is Google My Business (GMB). GMB shows up your business accurately when people search for your industry, business, products, services, name.

Also, create listings on Whitepages, Yellow Pages, Angie’s List, Yelp, Better Business Bureau (BBB), Foursquare and other local directories. Use tools like Moz Local to simplify this process.

Be Active in Your Community

Play with consumer’s feelings. Consumers are proud of the town, city, and neighbourhood they live in. Also, they prefer shopping at local businesses and organizations. Support local community as a business and empower them. In return, your community is likely to support you.

Interact with a local sports team, be active with non-profit activities, associate with social activities, and community school events. If physically attending them is not possible, consider sponsoring an event to get more eyes on your brand name.

Go Local On Social Media

Use social media platforms that your local audience is on. After all, social media is arguably the fastest way to connect with local and global shoppers. Most of the social platforms provide several localization options, such as

  • Set a location in your profile 
  • Tag the location of each post
  • Answer to questions of local customers
  • Have conversations with the target audience
  • Share local hashtags in comments or  caption

Cross-promote With Other Local Businesses

Cross-promotion is a highly result-oriented marketing method. This mutually beneficial marketing method involves two or more businesses promoting each other to their customers. With this, each brand earns more customers and boosts sales overall. 

Cross-promotion gives an immediate but vast exposure to an array of potential customers with minimum effort. For a successful cross-promotion:

  • Conduct your own research
  • Build relationships with other brands
  • Start with a plan
  • Offer discounts for partners
  • Take your cross-promotion strategy to social media
  • Start a referral program
  • Be careful when building relations with brands (Don’t jump into a partnership with just anyone)
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Run Contests or Promotions

Promotions such as contests are excellent tools to engage a local audience. 

  • Be creative with contests
  • Offer prizes that the potential audience would want
  • Offer promotions to celebrate local events
  • Offer free giveaways or  discounts to engage with your social media profiles
  • Aim to connect with the community in other ways
  • Share consumer’s purchases, or tag the business on Twitter or Facebook

Consider running a contest through which participants can enter on social media and collect their prizes in person. 

The Pareto Principle

According to the Pareto principle, 80% of your outcomes come from 20% of your efforts. For instance, only 20% of your marketing campaigns account for 80% of your success, or 20% of your customer base is responsible for 80% of your sales.

Keep the Pareto principle in mind as well as track your marketing efforts. Check what marketing tactics are performing best to engage your audience. Once you find the 20% that’s most successful, invest the majority of your efforts on these campaigns and platforms, as you now know they are the most lucrative.

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Know Latest Google Ads Features and Get the Most Out of It

Google has unleashed several new smart features and ways to buy ads on its different channels. We are exploring one of the newly released Google Ads features, “Getting Impressions on Display and YouTube Ads” and will guide you on how to make most of this feature. 

Let’s uncover.

Display and YouTube Ads

Video and display formats are different. They are not the type of ad you think of when it comes to online acquisition. They let you drive key performance metrics with paid visual placements next to the platform’s video player.  

  • YouTube Display Advertising is more popular for brand awareness and influence targets. 
  • They appear to the right of a view player in the corner of the screen. 
  • They are available only for advertising on desktop. 
  • They come in different formats and sizes like animation and images. 

Although video and display formats are ad and more popular for influence scapegoats and brand awareness, a search engine like Google tends to convince you otherwise.  

  • Don’t ignore the fact that Google has so much data on users’ profiles. And it can predict what these users want to buy.
  • The search engine knows users well with the help of their search queries, media (like AMP pages, Videos) users consume, and their past purchases.
  • Due to the treasure trove of data points, the algorithm identifies which new video game console a user wants. Google shows the user only that relevant ads when he is ready to buy
  • The ad will be more likely to convert 
  • Google will get a higher per page by only showing converting ads to users

Getting Impressions on Display and Youtube Ads But Only Pay for Sales!

You are now allowed to run performance-based targeting for YouTube Ads on the Display network. It generally means a lower reach than a CPM or a TrueView Campaign (TruveView Campaign is an ad format that gives viewer options to skip the advertisement after five seconds). But you will be able to get incremental conversion while controlling your budget. 

It is also important to note displaying or not displaying your ad depends on the algorithm. If your products or services are relevant for audiences, this is will be a virtuous cycle and you will get a lot of volumes. On the other hand, if they do not find an audience, your campaign may not pick up at all. 

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Let’s make it work for you: 

  • Use Smart Display with a tCPA or tROAS bidding strategy. tCPA or tROAS are automated bidding strategies that use machine learning to optimize your bids based on a goal you set. This will allow you to retain the benefits of the Smart Display framework without losing control.
  • SEISO (a Google Ads campaign audit tool) has audited 13,000+ Google Ads accounts.  Based on these accounts, your digital marketing agency can track the best targeting that are: “Similar converters” & “Custom Intent on your competitors”
  • To identify which audience is the most relevant for your product, use the audience analysis section of SEISO. The best part is that using this tool is free.

If you have any doubts about getting Impressions on Display and Youtube Ads, schedule a free consultation with Jivaso. We are committed to affordable and best digital marketing services.

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4 Digital Marketing Trends You Should Address During Pandemic In 2021

COVID-19 pandemic has caused many digital marketing agencies to modify and re-examine their marketing strategies and processes. Hence, the digital marketing landscape is not what it was at the beginning of 2020. Coronavirus is the reason some trends are accelerating and moving to the forefront. As a business owner, you should partner with a digital marketing agency in Toronto that embraces the acceleration of Digital, AI and Automation, and Customer-centricity to stay competitive.

Uncover these trends and ask your marketing agency to address them in 2021.

Account-based Marketing (ABM)

ABM is a type of business marketing strategy that focuses on identifying accounts (companies) that are suitable for ideal clients rather than targeting the entire industry. AMB strategy helps:

  • Improve marketing ROI
  • Drive attributed revenue
  • Generate more conversions
  • Produce qualified leads
  • Align sales with marketing

Marketers working in ABM focus their marketing and sales efforts on only a few key accounts. It allows them for stronger personalization and event individualization in marketing to drive more sales conversions.

Terminus’ research reveals that in 2019, only 23% of their respondents had no active ABM program, but in 2020, the number had gone down to 5.8%. With ABM, salespeople and marketers concentrate just on depending and improving their relationships with those accounts.

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Digital Acceleration 

Since in-person events are not possible due to safety concerns, asking your marketing agency to turn to virtual events, videos, and digital marketing channels to connect with your customers is a smart move. 

If we go by the CMO Survey from June 2020, we find:

  • More than 80% of marketing professionals surveyed, observed an openness among customers to innovative digital marketing services during pandemic. 

Before COVID-i9, digital tactics might only be part of an overall marketing strategy. Now markers are embracing more of a digital-first focus to stay ahead of the competition. 

AI-Powered Marketing 

AI, Machine Learning and Marketing Automation Tools are optimum to perform more with less. It saves on budget and expands their reach. Using these tools, your marketing team can add in segmentation, targeting, personalization, predictive analytics, lead scoring and even gathering content.

According to Statista, 

  • The global AI software industry will witness more than 50% of growth every year. 

Statista further estimates AI Software Market to reach nearly $22.6 billion with extensive adoption across the business world. Businesses whether big or smalls will use AI and Automation.

Content Marketing Importance

The importance of content marketing is growing because prospects and customers are consuming more digital content than ever. 

As per the Statista report in August 2020, the type of content prospects would like to consume are short, informative videos. 

  • 27.2% of viewers globally watched more than 10 hours of online videos on a weekly basis in 2020. 

Note that videos are not the only option. Webinars have taken a more valuable place than live events during coronavirus. 

Statistics from Edison Research and Triton Digital show that 2020 has seen an average amount of time and users spent listening to podcasts rise to 6 hours and 40 minutes.

  • Quizzes, infographics, surveys, and more interactive content are helpful for your brand to stand out.
  • Use of Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) has the potential to immerse your audience in your brand.  
  • Written words are not less important. Marketing professionals are reaching out via emails or publish thought leadership and blogs. 

It is good to invest in SEO and SEM, particularly in three key areas: Search intent (the primary goal of a search query), semantic search – it is a search that focuses on the search queries meaning instead of usually on keyword matching and voice search – is the use of voice command for a search query. 

Jivaso is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agencies in Toronto to apply fully digital solutions using AI, Machine Learning and Marketing Automation Tools to positively grow your bottom line during COVID-19. 

Drop us a mail at if you are searching for trusted and local digital marketing Services.

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6 Lesser-Known Methods to Convert Website Traffic Into Leads and Increase Revenue

You apply powerful marketing methods to increase organic and paid traffic to your site.


After all, powerful and effective marketing strategies drive potential traffic.

But, high traffic doesn’t always translate into sales revenue. So, failing to convert traffic into leads is only HALF THE BATTLE.

According to Forrester Research Report, “more than 97% of visitors leave websites without performing any action or identifying themselves.”

Traffic generation could be effective, but it shouldn’t be your END GOAL. Instead, conversion should be the ‘REAL CATCH.’

You need to root out ‘how to convert website traffic into leads.’

Advertising and digital marketing agencies focus on ‘Website Content’ optimization for search engines, improve ‘Existing Web Pages’ to outperform competition, create ‘Unique Landing Pages’ to promote different service offerings, add ‘Call to Action Elements’ to foster user engagement, design strategic ‘Lead Forms’ to capture important information and drive prospects into sales funnel that help achieve conversions.

Explore to know highly effective, but Lesser-known Methods to CONVERT WEBSITE TRAFFIC INTO LEADS that increase sales revenue.

Try it out. These are the techniques marketers practice.

Improve Existing Pages

The first step in the process is on-page optimization. Your existing web pages should be fully SEO optimized. 

You may have created web pages in the past without having an SEO strategy in place. But, these pages may fail to convert. To add SEO elements and create high converting landing pages, follow the below instructions.

Include targeted keywords on your website and make sure your selection of keywords is aligned with the search volume and user search behavior. Create headlines that are short, punchy, and clear. Develop easy-to-read content. Use fonts that are readable with a healthy dose of letter-spacing and line height.  

Along with short and sweet text, use images as an armour to define your message. For this, you can use captioned photos, charts or infographics. Visual elements like this often get the point across much better than text alone. Determine whether your pages align with the user intent. If not, they may perform well for a short time. But, eventually, search engines will catch on. 

It is advisable to:

  • Remove broken links or any irrelevant third party hyperlinks which may direct users outside of your website 
  • Proper placement of product items, use of appropriate colors, accurate product image size and forms
  • Offer bonuses with your product such as Free Gifts, Free Shipping or Free Training.  In fact, discover what you can offer to “seal the deal.”
  • Put all testimonials alongside products or services instead of on a single page to increase credibility and trust
  • Add ‘Live Chat’ and ensure it is staffed during business hours for a quick reply to customers
  • Fast matters a lot. So, determine your web pages load within 2 seconds. 
  • Update your web copy using the right keywords and create content for your persona
  • Make all pages mobile-friendly. Find and fix 404 errors
  • Implement clear Call to Action (CTA) tactics 

Besides, add a Value Proposition, Mission Statement or tell audiences what you deal with and why you deal with it. Value Proposition is the value you guarantee to deliver to consumers why they should buy your product. Leverage your website as a sales tool on why they should buy your product or use your service. 

It is advisable to put Value Proposition on ‘Home Page,’ in your “Headline” if possible. Add it to your ‘About Page’ or ‘Blog.’ Let visitors know what exactly they will get if they choose you. This will encourage them to subscribe to your newsletter, buy your products and services or read your blog.

Focussed Landing Pages

Landing pages provide an effective avenue to Convert Visitors Into Leads. While most of the service pages are created to provide information, landing pages are designed to collect contact information. Simply put, landing pages are the initial point of contact between your website and visitors. Key benefits of landing pages include:

  • Leaving a good first impression
  • Generating leads and conversions
  • Promoting new products and services
  • Building credibility and improving SEO
  • Increasing your search traffic
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Leading digital marketing agencies create effective landing pages focussed on targeted audiences because it allows for a potential of 50%-60% conversion ratio. 

  • Multiple Landing Pages – Different landing pages are engaging for different groups or people. It is, therefore, recommended to create unique landing pages depending on your business requirements. Never rely on only one landing page. 
  • Integration with Main Website – Incorporate redirection to landing pages from the main website or blog. This increases the possibility of visitors coming from different channels such as referrals, search engines, and direct traffic. It further leads to increasing the chances of lead collection.
  • Optimize Banners – Include landing page links on important banners and sections on your website to capture leads.
  • Utilize Blog Traffic – Try to find innovative ways to direct users from your blog to the latest landing pages to monetize your organic traffic.
  • Measure Performance – Continue to measure the performance of your landing pages by experimenting with content placement, flow and layout architecture. 

Call to Action (CTA)

You’ve got your users on the website. They’re interested in your service. What do you want them to do? 

Implement a ‘Call to Action.’

Adding an attention-grabbing CTA button on landing pages results in a 33% jump in conversion rates, according to studies.

But when implementing, keep following factors in mind.

  • Have a clear aim. 
  • Check whether CTA is to get users to fill in a form field, download an ebook or take some other actions. 
  • Place a CTA where visitors find it intuitively when they visit your web page. 
  • Create an action-oriented CTA BUTTON.  The button label should begin with a verb such as “Download,” “Get a Quote,” “Order Now,” “Go to Checkout.”
  • Use alternate colors for buttons, or visitors can get misplaced in the overall color scheme of your website. 
  • Select a contrasting color for CTA. If your site is predominately blue or light blue, warm orange or nice yellow that accents your color palette is perfect.

Wondering how to create a Great Landing Page? Get assistance from Jivaso experts.

Strategic Lead Forms

Landing page copy helps a lot. Reinforce it by setting expectations in form fields.

TruckersReport a trusted network of professional truck drivers, conducted an A/B Testing to their sign-up form in reviewing their landing page.

For this, TruckersReport compared a lead form that had multiple fields with an email field only lead form. They found that the prospects filling the form with multiple fields converted 13% more than the short form. 

An intelligent lead form allows you to collect all necessary information from the customers, enough to perform the first sales outreach. This also enables you to quality the prospects and isolate spam inquiries.  

Which information is most important? Every lead form should capture customer name and email address so that you can effectively contact them.

But is this the only information you require? 

  • As you’ll not know why any of your leads contacted you. 
  • They may be potential clients or false visitors or job seekers with common questions. 
  • Or simply spam inquiries.

What will you do then?

Ask for additional information. This will allow you to separate qualified leads from the rest. The information you need depends on the type of your product or service. A few important pieces of information you should collect are:

  • Phone number & email 
  • Name of the company (if you operate on a B2B model)
  • Option to select desired services (if you offer a variety)
  • Optional text box to be able to share their requirements
  • Allowed budget for the product or service they are looking for

Want to Generate Good Quality Leads?

Jivaso can help as we have supported 200+ clients with Lead Generation Strategies.

Opt-in Forms Inside Videos

With the popularity of web videos, a new breed of opt-in forms has emerged as an effective tool with digital marketing services. More than 59% of digital marketers say that Opt-in Form is one of their most effective sources of sales revenue. 

You can embed an opt-in form right into your video.

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In the above screenshot, an opt-in form pops up during the video and lets the internet user continue watching the video after subscribing or provide an option to skip. Depending on your requirements, you can make ‘opt-in’ mandatory or not.  

It is up to you to configure the opt in form to appear at the beginning or at the end of the video. 

A digital marketing agency like Jivaso can help you create opt-in forms within the purview of the videos. We follow different user engagement methodologies to capture relevant information.

Content Upgrades

A ‘Content Upgrade’ is a ‘Lead Magnet (a marketing terminology for a free service or item, a give-away to collect prospect data). 

‘Content Upgrade’ is particularly designed to capture the reader’s details. It can be added anytime to the page copy. It’s a piece of information or bonus that readers can download in return for their email address.

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Some examples of ‘Content Upgrade’ includes:

  • Checklists
  • Cheat-Sheets
  • White Papers
  • Templates
  • Lists of Resources
  • Raw Files and samples
  • Trial Subscriptions 
  • Free Consultations
  • Transcript of a Video Blog
  • PDF Version of a Blog Post

Take a few measures. When adding ‘Content Upgrade’ it is advisable to move lead forms higher up on the page, make content upgrade section enticing and informative, and add relevant images. 


Can you afford to let 95% of your potential leads vanish without a trace? Traffic generation coupled with lead generation makes your investment into digital marketing worthwhile.   There are many different ways to convert web traffic into leads.  Give people something valuable through email so that you can build trust and then present what you have to sell in a non-obstructive manner. What else? Hire a reliable advertising and digital marketing agency like Jivaso to apply the best marketing methodologies and convert website traffic into leads and positively grow your bottom line.   Are you aware of any other techniques to convert traffic into leads? Let us know.